15 Incredible Rose Tattoo Designs


One of the most popular flowers in the world is the rose. It is now a fashion to have the image of these beloved flowers on your skin. Do you desire the trendiest of rose tattoo designs? Then this list of 15 will make your day when you step out in any of them.

If you want to take it upon yourself to search the web for a custom design, then you must take a look at the meaning of each artistic design before you pick on any of them. If you want to bring down issues relating to problems associated with inking, then you must choose a standard studio and an artist that has what it takes to deliver quality rose designs tattoos.

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Incredible Rose Tattoo Designs

Here are 15 of the best rose tattoo designs that you can use to make the right impression.

  1. Creative Rose Tattoos
super creative rose tattoo
Image: Pinterest

This design has various twists that come with a normal rose design. They are realistic designs and can be upgraded by artists that use gothic writing. There are several color combinations that you can choose from.

  1. Small Design for Wrist Tattoos
Small Wrist Tattoos
Image: Pinterest

This type of tattoo is small and hidden. If you are in love with that size range, then you can look for this type of image. You can get this ink on your ankle or wrist.

  1. A Colorful Rose Design Tattoos
Wrist Colorful Rose Tattoo Designs
Image: TattoosBag.com

You can decide to add a combination of colors to the rose and ribbon tattoo designs. There are lots of colors available. You can spice it with water closets and it can be placed on your arm or thighs.

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  1. Colorful Flower Tattoos for the Inner Side
Colorful Flower Tattoos for the Inner Side
Image: EntertainmentMesh

This design option is meant for those that are in love with colorful drawings. When vivid colors are chosen for this design, the best results will come out of it. You will get the best out of this design if you place it on your arm or forearm.

  1. Font Style Rose Tattoos
Font Style Rose Tattoos
Image: Pinterest

You can choose to go fonts with the addition of associated patterns to them. You are going to be amazing in this pattern of tattoo. It can be placed on your arm, forearm, or calf.

  1. Artistic Rose Tattoos
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Watercolor Orange Rose Tattoo
Image: Askideas.com

It is done in black and grey with some shading attached to it. This type of tattoo can be used to express deep feelings and emotions. It can be placed on your arm or forearm.

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  1. Outline Design Tattoos
Outline Design Tattoos
Image: Next Luxury

It is an outlined pencil drawing on the skin that is not too large and can thus be spotted on the skin. It is a trend that can be used by girls to make a difference when they step out.

  1. Realistic Canvas Color Tattoos
Realistic Canvas Color Tattoos
Image: Pinterest

This is a permanent tattoo that you can have placed on your arm or forearm. You can talk with your artist about the particular spot on your body where you want this tattoo. When you are healed of the wound, the colors will come out more beautifully.


  1. Rose and Leaves Tattoos
Rose and Leaves Tattoos
Image: Pinterest

If you fancy something that is more in black ink, then this is the color for you. You are going to achieve the cutest look ever if you adorn your shoulders with this tattoo.

  1. Painting Style with Colors Tattoos
Painting Style with Colors Tattoos
Image: Pinterest

You can get the best out of this design by making it fun with several fonts and small flowers. This design is best positioned at the nape of your neck or on your shoulders.

  1. Design for Collar Bone Tattoos
Design for Collar Bone Tattoos
Image: Allure

One of the tattoos rose designs that will make the day of light-skinned people is the one for the collar bone. You can add some writing and inscribe some birds into it to achieve a trendy design that you will be proud of all the time.

  1. Design done in Black and White Tattoos
Design done in Black and White Tattoos
Image: Clipart Library

This will make an excellent show for the hands. It is more so if you want an excellent display that will boost your image when you step out. This is an ideal wrist or forearm.

  1. Half Floral and Leaves Tattoos
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Half Floral and Leaves Tattoos
Image: Glamour

This is another blue rose tattoo design that cannot be left out of our list of 15 incredible tattoo options. This tattoo is best for medium skin tones.

  1. Rose Tattoos Without Leaves
Rose Tattoos Without Leaves
Image: Styles At Life

The choice of the original red-bright color will give you the best of this design. It will suit any fair-skinned individual. The best of it comes in small to medium sizes.

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  1. Rose for Full Hand with Thorns and Leaves Tattoos
Rose for Full Hand with Thorns and Leaves Tattoos
Image: Wild Tattoo Art

If you are a fan of detailed tattoos, then this rose tattoo will make your day. The shades of black will bring out the best in this design. You will achieve the best results when this design is placed on your arm or forearm.

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What does the rose tattoo symbolize?

The red rose tattoo symbolizes the combination of love and passion. Purple roses have been used to symbolize enchantment and royalty. The pink rose represents grace, gratitude, and affection.

Image result for rose tattoo designs

You can get millions of royalty-free images of rose tattoos online. It is pretty easy to get stock images in HD and millions of other stock photos.

What does a rose tattoo mean for a woman?

These tattoos represent beauty and love. This is the reason why women, in particular, are in love with tattoos. There are different colors, ranging from red, pink, and yellow, that can be used to symbolize the tattoo.

How much does a rose tattoo cost?

You are going to get what you pay for. There are no iron cast details on what the tattoo will cost you. If you want quality ink on your body, then you must be prepared to pay for it.


Rose tattoo designs are used by women to express their emotions of love in beautiful picture designs. The best designs in this regard can be seen in the list that is above. You can pick any among the list to make the expected impressions that matter in rose designs.


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