10+ Unique crown tattoo designs

Crown Tattoo Designs

The crown tattoo designs are unisex; they have no gender barriers. They are a category of tattoos that are more expressive and can be related to more. It represents different meanings to several individuals. This tattoo is a representation of the power, supremacy, and might of the wearer. If you have the character of being a leader or you want to represent royalty, this is the best tattoo to express such.

10+ Best Crown Tattoo Designs for Kings and Queens

You will find it tough to get the best option in the midst of several options that are around. This is the reason why you need a gathering of the best king and queen crown tattoo designs that are available online. If you carry out a general search, it will be time-consuming and you might end up not getting the ideal tattoo that will suit your image.

A list of the best 11 unique tattoos is presented below. Wearing any of them will give you the confidence boost that is required to get attention when you step out. Enjoy.

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  1. King Crown Tattoo With Name

Crown and name tattoo (less than 2inchs) | Name with crown tattoo, Tattoos with kids names, Crown tattoo

The King represents the highest ranking official in all the monarchies of the world. Getting the name of the king inscribed on a visible part of the body is a fashion that can be used to represent a royal tattoo. You are advised to opt for the large size of this tattoo.

  1. Crown Tattoo With Cross

Crown Tattoo With Cross

It is a general belief among Christians that Jesus Christ died on the cross with a crown of thorns on his head. You can get this tattoo inked on your back or chest because of its size and the message it is meant to convey.

Irresistible kings crown tattoo designs

There are options that can be used to express the feeling of royalty when you step out. Kings crown tattoos on your body will give you a confidence boost when you step out.

  1. Crown Tattoo With Heart And Wings
Heart with Crown Wings and Ribbon Tattoo by Olena1983 | GraphicRiver
Image by Olena1983 | GraphicRiver

The tattoo can go with other designs aside from the crown. The heart and wings can be inscribed to go along with the tattoo. This is one of the coolest designs that you can think of this year. You can get this tattoo on your back, belly or stomach.

  1. Couple Crown Tattoos On Hands
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Couple Crown Tattoos On Hands

The king must have a crown queen beside him. One of the best ways to connect with each other is through couples’ crown tattoos on their hands. It is usually inked on the wrist. The size will be determined by the diameter of the wrists of the royals.

  1. Lion With Crown Tattoo On Hand

 Lion With Crown Tattoo On Hand

This is an idea for those who were born in Leo, in particular, and for those who fancy the majesty that comes with the lion. The lion gives this tattoo a more intimidating look. It is usually located on the arm or biceps and is used to denote strength and honor.

  1. Skull Crown Tattoo On Arm

kull Crown Tattoo On Arm

If you want to get involved in the macabre, then you can get a skull introduced in a tattoo to scare people. It sends the message that you are invisible; people will start rating you in that light. This tattoo is best on the front arms for clearer visibility.

The royal couple: king and queen crown tattoo designs

There are options that you can use to make the impressions that mattered through king and queen tattoo designs. It is meant for the power couple that wants to make the statement.

  1. Embellished Sleeve Crown Tattoo With Flowers

Embellished Sleeve Crown Tattoo With Flowers

You can decide to spice up the image of the crown in your tattoo with flowers, letters, and others in a similar fashion. It is a trendy fashion that will attract the attention of people. It is best to have it on your biceps for a visible look.

  1. Large Crown Tattoo With Stones

Large Crown Tattoo With Stones

There is loads of flexibility when it comes to crown design tattoos. Rulers have worn several crowns from time immemorial. You can opt for a tattoo that has stones inscribed on it. The place for this type of tattoo is the back of your arms or the lower part of your neck.

Great inspiration for simple crown tattoo designs

You will achieve the best if you step out in simple tattoos that are the work of brilliant tattoo artists.

  1. Small Black Crown Tattoo On Neck

Small Black Crown Tattoo On Neck

You can get creative with small black tattoos inked on your neck to create the right impressions when you step out.

  1. Imperial Queen Crown Tattoo

Imperial Queen Crown Tattoo

If you want to show that you are a real royal; then imperial queen tattoo will make your day among the list online

  1. Tribal Crown Tattoo Designs
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Crown Tribal Tattoo Vector Images (over 300)
Image: VectorStock

You can make the right impressions with tribal crown tattoo designs on your body.

crown tattoo designs


Q: What does a crown tattoo symbolize?

A: It is obvious that the crown tattoo is used to represent royalty. It serves to represent different meanings to different people. There are several options available.

Q: Image result for crown tattoo designs

A: There are several manifold ideas that people can take for the best simple royal crown tattoo designs for men. You can opt for either feminine or male versions of the crown tattoos.

Q: What does a 3-point crown tattoo mean?

A: Three stars, with each one larger than the one before it, signifies a journey that was taken. Celebrities use this tattoo to express the long journey they have undertaken.

Q: What does a crown tattoo on a girl mean?

A: Some women go the extra mile to add some glamour to the image of their crown tattoo. The message that the tattoo passes on to people means rightful power, leadership, nobility, and longevity. It also represents religion, luck, importance, etc.

Q: What does a crown tattoo symbolize in human trafficking?

A: In the majority of instances in America, the trafficker will inscribe his/her name on the body of the slave to claim ownership or possession of the slave.

Q: How can I decide on a studio?

A: It will involve paying for personal visits to the studios before taking action on the king’s crown tattoo designs. Discuss with the artists in the studio about areas of operation that you are not clear about. This is a personal experience; do not make any decisions until you are satisfied with the studio and the expertise of the artist.

Q: Does a tattoo hurt?

A: Yes. The degree of pain is up to the artist of your choice and the technology that is involved in the studio.


You are covered on the topic of crown tattoo designs above. This is a tattoo that is used to represent honor and prestige. Those that have this category of ink on their body use it to express royalty and their special status. This tattoo is best for those who want to express the character of being a leader.


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