20 Best tattoo designs for kids

tattoo designs for kids

It is a fact that tattoo designs for kids might not hold any meaning for kids, yet there are some designs that they are attached to and they might want to use them to express their feelings. What are the best ways to encourage your kids to ink designs in 2021?

A collection of the best tattoos in 2021 are presented below and kids can use any of them to express inner feelings in pictures.

Tattoo designs for kids with Images

There are several easy to draw tattoo designs for kids. It is, however, not easy to choose the right option among the sea of options that are online. If you want to choose the best that will be the right fit for your child, then you can get the best results from the list below. After you have chosen a style, it is not over until you get the artist who has what it takes to deliver the best result.

Here is a list of the best 20 that kids can use to express their style in 2021.

1. Tattoo Ideas With Children’s Names

The idea of having names on the skin is popular among adults and kids. When kids have their names tattooed on their bodies, they will feel a sense of belonging when they move out into the midst of their friends. When cute designs are added, it makes it more fascinating for kids.

2. Flower Tattoo Designs For Kids

The best tattoos for girls can be obtained through flower tattoo designs. There are no permanent ways that kids can use to express their identity when they step out. It represents beauty, elegance, and charm, which makes the tattoo look very beautiful on kids.

3. Easy Tattoo Designs For Kids

There are categories of tattoo stickers that can be laced onto the skin of kids. The tattoos in this category are ideal for kids with medical issues. Though kids might be embarrassed about using this type of tattoo, it is a way to relay important information.

4. Kids Birthday Tattoo Ideas

There are tattoos that add to the color of kids’ birthday parties. The stations are a common feature of birthday parties and kids are attracted to such stations. There are several ideas that come up through the tattoo stations. These tattoos are not permanent and they provide fun for kids.

5. Simple heart tattoo

Kids love their parents in the majority of cases. The simple heart tattoo is the inking of the names of the mum and dad on the skin. This design is simple and will never go out of style. A few colors can be added to this tattoo to increase the beauty of it.

6. Cool Tattoo Ideas For Kids

A magical tattoo that will attract the attention of kids is the unicorn. The reason why we are including this in our list of the best 20 is because of the combination of colors that come with it. Kids that love magical creatures and fantasy will have great fun with the design ideas here.

7. Children’s Name Tattoo Designs

The meaning of the names of kids can be represented on their bodies through designed tattoos on their bodies. These tattoo designs for men with kids’ names are usually represented on the arm of the child and are suitable for both sexes.

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8. Heart Tattoo With A Colorful Splash

Another creative design that can be used to bring out the ego in kids is the heart design. It is a beautiful approach to tattoo designs that the kids will be proud to have on their skin. There is a splash of color in the background that goes all the way to give a feeling of cosmic connections.

9. Elephant Tattoo For Kids

Another tattoo idea that will definitely make the day of your kid is the elephant tattoo. This design idea can be gotten for kids in a non-permanent way.

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10. Henna Tattoo Designs For Kids

Henna tattoo designs for kids are one of the creative ways to have non-permanent tattoos on the bodies of your kids. It will give you peace of mind and satisfy the curiosity of your kids.

11. Kids Name Tattoo Ideas

Kids will definitely love their names written on their hands. It is a design that will sure make their day.

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Temporary easy tattoo designs for beginners for kids

If your kids are new to tattoo; then you can begin with temporary designs that are easy to come by.

12. Unique Tattoo Ideas For Your Child

Get a unique symbol on the arm or feet of your kids and you will see the brighter side of them at all times.

13. Cute Kid Tattoo Ideas

There are some cute photos that can be displayed on a temporary or permanent basis on the arm of the kids. Inspirations for this can be gotten through henna tattoo designs for kids online.

14. Tattoo Pictures For Kids

Children love pictures. Their favorite pictures can be used as tattoos on their body.

Little Boy Tattoo Ideas

Get images of little toddlers on the arm of your kids and you will get the best results out of them.

15. Temporary Children’s Tattoo Ideas

A temporary children’s tattoo looks much like a real one. However, they are made from a special kind of paper that is stamped with ink and then peeled off to reveal a set of colors that can be drawn onto the skin. Temporary tattoos are often designed to be used for parties or celebrations, but they can also be used to cover up an existing tattoo when you’re in the mood for a change.

This section discusses what temporary tattoos are and how they work. It talks about the benefits and drawbacks of temporary tattoos, as well as some factors you should consider before getting one done. It also mentions some popular designs for kids’ tattoos.

16. Kids Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tattoos are a popular form of body decoration. The trend of getting tattoos has been increasing in recent years.

There are many different types of tattoo designs to choose from.

Tattoo designs for kids are becoming increasingly popular amongst parents who want to allow their children to express themselves on their own terms while still being able to make it all come off without too much hassle when they grow up.

17. Children’s Name Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos of children’s names can be a beautiful and thoughtful way to remember them for years to come. They are also often one of the most meaningful tattoos that a person will ever get.

Some parents choose to get their child’s name tattooed on themselves as a way to remember their child and the bond they shared together. Other parents may choose to get their child’s name tattooed on them as a way to honor him or her, especially if the child has passed away.

The placement of the tattoo is another consideration when it comes to children’s name tattoos ideas. Some parents might want it near their heart, while others might want it on an arm or leg so that they can see it every day.

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18. Cartoon Tattoo Images For Kids

Cartoon Tattoo Images For Kids is a website that provides funny, unique and creative tattoo designs for kids. The site offers a variety of body parts that can be tattooed such as hands, feet, face and belly button. It also features unique cartoon characters such as Batman, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman.

The cartoon tattoos are an excellent way to make your children feel more confident in their bodies. They can be used to transform the way kids feel about themselves and they provide an alternative to other types of tattoos.

19. Hello Kitty Kids Tattoo Ideas

Hello Kitty is a popular Japanese character created by the company Sanrio in 1974.

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Hello Kitty is a cute fictional character who has become very popular with children over the years. The popularity of Hello Kitty has resulted in the production of many products, especially related to her image. Hello Kitty Kids Tattoo Ideas are one of the products that have been introduced to keep up with this trend.

Tattoos are one form of body modification that have become increasingly popular over the years. There are many different reasons people get tattoos, but for most, they are there for aesthetic purposes and decoration. Tattoos can be simple designs or extravagant masterpieces, but when it comes to kids tattoo ideas, parents often worry about whether or not it is appropriate for their child to get one because it might mean getting inked.

20. Mother & Daughters Ideas

The relationship between a mother and a daughter is often special. Mothers often want to protect their daughters from anything that can hurt them, and daughters want to please their mothers. Ideas for gifts that mothers and daughters can share together are likely going to be different from those that fathers and sons would enjoy.

Mothers might enjoy an experience the two of them could do together, such as a spa day or cooking class, whereas a daughter would be more interested in something she could enjoy with her mom, such as jewelry or clothes. There are also many lessons mother & daughters can learn from each other throughout the years if they spend time together on a regular basis!

Easy tattoo designs for beginners for kids

Tattoos are typically seen as “cool” and sexy. However, there is a huge misconception that only adults can get tattoos, which is not true. Tattoos are for anyone who wants them, no matter the age.

Tattoo designs for kids are an option if you want your child to be able to show off their ink. They come in many different shapes and sizes, which means you can find something that fits the personality of your child perfectly.

Simple Tattoo Designs For Kids
Image: YusraBlog.com

Can You Get A Kids Name Tattoo When Pregnant?

Some pregnant women are wondering if they are able to get a kids name tattoo while pregnant. This is not recommended due to the risk of infection, pain, and complications.

It is not advised for pregnant women to get a children’s name tattooed on their skin. The reason for this is because it can result in an infection, be painful, and cause complications.


Q: What are the side effects of ink?

A: There are no known side effects of inks on the skin. There are several versions of ink online. They have been used and tested for several generations without any known side effects. You have nothing to fear if you are using quality inks.

Q: Are there counterfeit inks?

A: Yes. The sale of inks on E-bay has opened the door to poor quality inks. Bad inks are known to contain toxic materials that are dangerous to the health of the skin. The manufacture of inks is regulated to meet some safety standards in the USA and some countries in the EU.

Q: Can I have issues after a tattoo?

A: Yes. This is a possibility if you fail to choose the right studio. This is the reason why it is advised that you choose the best studios around. It is also very important that you choose an artist that is known for expert delivery in their niche.


The best tattoo designs for kids are on the list above. The fashionable kid can use any of the trendy 20 mentioned above to achieve the results that they will be proud of when they step out, despite their young age. The choice of the right studio will enhance the quality of the work that you will get after every design.


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