Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bridal Lehenga

Best Bridal Lehenga

Indian weddings are always colorful and fun. But no matter the reception, food and the drinks, all eyes are always on the bride. Therefore, as the bride-to-be you need to make sure you get ready for your wedding by having best wedding dress and jewelry. A bridal lehenga is ideal. However, with so many styles … Read more

Salwar Suit Fabrics: Which Fabric is Right for You!

Salwar Suit Fabrics

Salwar suits have been there for a long time, and people from different parts of the world are wearing this ethnic outfit. Salwar suits can be used for parties, traditional events, weddings and even casual wear. However, you must pick the right style and fabric to look more attractive and feel comfortable in a salwar … Read more

Is Pakistani Dresses The Most Trending Thing Now?

Pakistani Dresses in Australia

The fashion industry in Asia with particular reference to Pakistan is buzzing. The people of this country are connected to the tradition of their dresses and they are worthy ambassadors of their fashion sense wherever they find themselves anywhere in the world. As Pakistanis move out of their country in search of greener pastures abroad; … Read more

Indian Dress And Love – How They Are The Same

Indian Dress And Love

The fashion industry in India is very huge Indians are passionate about their traditional style of dressing and they will not let it go for anything. Though they are exposed to cultures of the western world; when it comes to love and dressing; Indians prefer Indian dresses above western attires. Indians are religious about their traditional dresses … Read more

5 Reasons Why People Like Saree

Why People Like Saree

The Saree holds the ace in the dress sense of people from Asia. It is their national dress and over the years; this fashion has grown in popularity and the ratings are still gathering momentum with each day as it unfolds. What is actually behind the reason for the popularity of this outfit over other local dresses? … Read more