15 Trending Tattoo Designs for Boys

Tattoo Designs for Boys

For boys looking for a new tattoo to spice up their image, the ideas below will give them bright ideas for creativity in tattoos. It is not easy to come across an ideal tattoo among the sea of options that are online. The guide you are about to read is about creative tattoo designs for boys that fashionable boys can use to boost their confidence when they step out.

Tattoo designs can take the form of simple, badass or unique. It is important to partner with the artist before you make the final decision on which ink you want to appear on your skin. When you go for the service of a skilled mehndi tattoo designer, for instance, you are going to achieve creative designs that you will be proud of all the time.

The following represents a collection of 15 of the best tattoos that will boost the confidence level of boys.

15 Trending Tattoo Designs for Boy

  1. Lion Tattoo
Lion Tattoo
Image: MomCanvas

The lion tattoo represents strength. It can be in recognition of the strength of someone else. This design can be small or large on the body and represents the ultimate in power and boldness.

  1. Dragon Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo
Image: Styles At Life

One of the best ways to tell people that you are loaded with strength, wisdom, power, and good fortune is through a dragon tattoo. It is one of the simple tattoo designs for boys that will send home the right message.

  1. Skull Tattoo
Skull Tattoo
Image: Byrdie

Are you interested in a badass ink idea for your body? The best idea is through a skull tattoo. You can choose from diverse ideas here that range from the intricate to the complex.

  1. Cross Tattoo
Cross Tattoo
Image: Styles At Life

For those that are religious, the cross tattoo will take the expression of their faith to the next level. This type of ink can fit anywhere on your body.

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Best ideas in tattoo designs for boys

There are several options online. What you are reading here represents the best among the best in tattoos that will be evergreen on the flesh of boys.

  1. Simple Tattoo
Simple tattoo
Image: 500Tattoos

If you want to go easy, you can look in the direction of simple tattoos. This category of tattoo is very symbolic and can be used to make the right statement of intent when you step out.

  1. Small Tattoo
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Small Tattoo
Image: Styles At Life

For boys that want a tattoo that they want to conceal on their body, then a small tattoo will meet all the expectations that you desire.

  1. Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo

For boys that are in pursuit of big life changes and good luck, the star tattoo will represent the very best idea that will serve as a reminder of their ambition and goals.

Bright mehndi tattoo designer

If you are looking for the Excellency of results; then you will meet your match in mehndi tattoos.

  1. Family Tattoo
Family Tattoo
Image: Body Tattoo Art

For boys that have family members that have affected their lives for the best, the family tattoo can be used to pay homage to them.

  1. Quote Tattoo

Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos are very versatile. It is important to understand the wording of the quote before you ink it on your body. It is an easy tattoo design for boys in 2021.

  1. Phoenix Tattoo
Phoenix Tattoo
Image: Pinterest

This is the perfect way of expression for boys who have changed their life patterns. They range in size from small to big tattoos.

  1. Taurus Tattoo

Taurus Tattoo

If your star sign is Taurus, you can use the tattoo to express your birth. The bull is a symbol of determination, single-mindedness, as well as strength.

Hand tattoo designs for boys cannot be ignored

Our list of trending tattoos for boys will not be complete without the inclusion of hand designs. There are creative options among them that will sure make your day.

  1. Cloud Tattoo
Cloud Tattoo
Image: Style VP

Boys that want to express inner consciousness and weightlessness can look up at the cloud tattoo to express this feeling. They can be small or animalistic in nature, but they convey deep meanings.

  1. Gemini Tattoo

Gemini Tattoo

This tattoo can be used to express the full meaning of twins and duality. You can use this tattoo in conjunction with someone who you share things with.

  1. Tiger Tattoo
Tiger Tattoo
Image: Tattoodo

The tiger is a ferocious and powerful animal. The tiger tattoo represents strength as well as authority. You can combine this tattoo with the ink of other animals.

  1. Tree Tattoo
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Evergreen Tree Tattoo
Image: Body Tattoo Art

The tree tattoo is becoming popular among boys for the right reasons. It is a practical representation of the tree of life. This tattoo can be used to symbolize longevity and growth.


Q: Does tattoo design for boys hurt?

A: Yes. This is the number one question that people are interested in. But, the degree of pain is not as people make you believe. The pain is like a cat scratch or a mild burning sensation. With a credible artist; the level of pain will not be too much

Q: How long does a tattoo take?

A: It is a quick process that should not be rushed. You are going to live with the design for some period of time. The time taken depends on the complexity of the hand tattoo designs for boys. A simple tattoo should not take more than two hours. Complex tattoos can take tens of hours.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Nothing great comes cheap. It depends on the quality of the artist that is involved. Do not expect a good artist to come cheap; you must pay for their services. Remember, the mark will remain for a length of time; you have to pay for quality inking.

Q: Can l use pain killers or numbing cream during tattoo?

A: If your tattoo studio recommends it; yes. Only a few tattoo studies recommend the use of cream to subdue the effects of the pains during inking. You must apply the cream several hours before you set out and the effect of it will only last for about 45 minutes. Even if you time the application of the cream; it becomes ineffective after the grace period of 45minutes.


The best tattoo designs for boys are listed above. You can choose from any of them that meets your expectations to create the artist’s impression of your body. They are evergreen designs for boys. If you are not sure about the credibility of the artist; do not pick on him.


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