11 Underboob Tattoo Designs Ideas


If you want a collection of stunning underboob tattoo designs that matter, then you can trust the list of 20 that we have below. They are credible designs that can be used to make the right artistic statement under the boobs. The collection that you are about to read represents the best among the sea of available designs online.

11 Underboob Tattoo Designs

If the truth must be told, this is a delicate tattoo on a delicate part of the body. When you choose any of the ideas below, it is important to make doubly sure that you are with an artist that has the expertise and the tools to perform at peak levels.

Here are 11 of the best underboob tattoo designs in 2021 that the trendy lady can use to show real power and class when they step out. They represent the most popular among the designs that are online today. After choosing any of the designs; make sure you are with the best artist in a credible studio.

1. Tribal Art

Tribal Art
Image: Pinterest

We are going to start with tribal tattoo designs on the underboob. The symmetry that comes with this class of tattoo is elegant and mind-blowing. This design brings the best in terms of elegance and beauty to the boob.

2. Colorful Blossoms

Colorful Blossoms
Image: The Women Interest

Are you a lover of flowers? If you answer yes, then this style will make you proud of your obsession with flowers. The combination of colors here will fill you with the beauty that comes from nature.

3. Swallow With Roses

Swallow With Roses
Image: Pinterest

This is a perfect way to connect with the world of the spirit. This design looks very appealing under the boob and conveys deep spiritual meaning to those that catch a glimpse of it.

4. Bunch Of Roses

bunch of roses tattoo
Image: Pinterest

This has been a regular choice of people since the inception of tattoos on people. One of the best ways to make a statement with this tattoo is through underboob tattoo designs with rosary. A sweet bunch of roses under your boob will surely make your day.

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5. Floral Magic on the Ribs

Floral Magic on the Ribs tattoos
Image: Fabbon

One of the raves of the moment is under breast tattoos that cover the sides as well as the area under the breasts. It is like paying for one tattoo and getting the delivery of two. They come in vivid designs and bright colors.

6. Medusa

Medusa Tattoo
Image: Inkbox

If you desire a tattoo that will make you stand out from the midst of the crowd, then you can look in the direction of Medusa. This is the ultimate feminist symbol and it represents the excellence of feminine power.

7. Deer And Vines Tattoo

Deer And Vines Tattoo
Image: Pinterest

This design is enticing. It comes complete with a combination of thorns and roses. The gottic vibes that come with this tattoo design are magnetic and will make the day of any fashionable lady out there.

8. The Wise Owl

The Wise Owl Tattoo
Image: Medium

We cannot ignore the underboob owl tattoo designs because of the beauty and creativity that they carry. This tattoo can be used to represent a strong character in wisdom, intelligence, transition, and knowledge.

9. Angel Wings Under Boob Tattoo

Angel Wings Under Boob Tattoo
Image: askideas

This is a creative tattoo that has gained popularity because of the way and manner in which they fill the space. They are elegant and have great meanings. This tattoo represents courage, faith, and protection.

10. Leafy Adventures

Leafy Adventures Tattoo

If you are a lover of nature and you want to be a step closer to nature, then you are going to express yourself to the maximum with this design. This type of tattoo fits well around the shape of the breast and you can never go wrong with it.

11. Crown Of Thorns

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo
Image: Tattoodo

Another creative way that you can use to express yourself is through underboob forest tattoo designs. The crown thorn is for the deeply religious belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. The crown of thorns represents the suffering of Jesus Christ for humanity. It is also a symbol of the difficulties we face in life and how we overcome them.

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What are tattoos under the breast called?

Candidly speaking, this is a tattoo that will go under the boobs. It can be located anywhere under your boobs. Thus, it is a tattoo idea that has been gaining popularity over the years for the right reasons. The area of coverage is below the left and right breasts on the chest.

What do underboob tattoos mean?

It is the inking under the breasts of ladies and can be either permanent or temporary. It is located in a delicate part of the body, hence the pain that comes with having it on the skin. When you are in the best tattoo studio, the pain will be reduced. The combination of expert artist and best technology are needed to achieve the best on demand.

How much is a small boob tattoo?

This type of tattoo is very expensive. However, the results and value that come with it are worth the entire dime that you spent on coming under the ink of the artist. The bottom line is to get a credible artist. The charges of the best artists will not be cheap because nothing good comes cheap.

How can I reduce the pain of my underboob tattoo?

There are several ways to make the experience worthwhile. First, make sure you eat and drink something an hour before the boob tattoo. Your body will behave in a way similar to a person that is going into shock because it will generate endorphins to deal with the attack.


The underboob tattoo designs above are among the most popular in 2021. You will definitely make the right statement with any of the designs on the list above. It is important to get a credible artist that will be of help in delivering clinical results.


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