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12 Tips to Help You Look Attractive in Indian Clothes

Now and then, we review certain ethnic Indian clothes for various occasions from weddings to casual outings and everyday wear. Everything we do revolves around helping you look your best with some of these gorgeous and super stylish dresses we make.

But looking good does not start and end with your choice of clothes.

Our beautiful ethnic Indian dresses can help you nail the ultimate ethnic diva look. But again, you should also consider the tips below which are guaranteed to make you look way more attractive than you’ve ever been!


1.   Pick clothes that fit!

This is perhaps the most important tip on Indian dresses.

Anything you’re buying, ensure it fits your body shape and size and sits comfortably on your skin. This is why rather than sell ready-made dresses; we make our dresses to measure after customers place their orders. Whether it’s a salwar, kameez, lehenga choli, saree, or whatever, be sure they’re the right size for you.


2.   Pick the right blouses

Many people prefer printed blouses compared to those with embellishments and embroidery. You might want to go for blouses with lightweight fabric as they often tend to be prettier.

If you arent comfortable with crop tops, go for long blouses that will cover your waist and hips. The same applies to sleeves too. If you’re wary of showing your arms, long sleeve or medium sleeve blouses will do the trick.


3.   Pick the right bottoms

Palazzos and cigarette pants are becoming more popular by the day.

Many people now prefer these over salwars and churidar. But it’s a matter of choice. The advantage of cigarette pants is that it flatters the body and highlights your curves. Cigarette pants are great if you want to look slim. But both the palazzo and cigarette pant are versatile enough to go with different kinds of tops.


4.   Drape your saree in style

The saree is arguably the most prominent dress in Indian women’s fashion. So, it makes sense that we give you a few tips on how to pick a saree that will make you fabulous and glam.

In draping the saree, ensure it’s positioned nicely across your arms and around your waist.

This will ensure it does not add more volume or weight especially if you’re gunning for a slim look. Also, the best fabrics for sarees are lightweight materials like chiffon and crepe. The likes of cotton, silk, organza, and other stiff fabrics are likely to add more volume to your appearance, something you probably don’t want.

5.   Go for dark colors to look slimmer

Choosing dark colors over light ones is another secret tip that’s not so secret when you want to look super cool in Indian clothes. The reasoning behind this is that dark colors help create an illusion of a slimmer body shape and it hides problem areas much better than lighter colors do.


6.   Look glam in high slits

It’s much easier to look beautiful in kurtas with high slits.

The best ones are those that start from the navel or close to the navel with double or single front slits. These dresses are beautiful and classy and can make you appear taller and slimmer. Pair this straight or A-line kurtas with a nicely made cigarette pant salwar or palazzo and you’ll look all glam and fabulous.


7.   Pair your Indian clothes with the right shoes

You’ve chosen the right dress but your shoes can still impact your final look.

Good clothes should be paired with good shoes. Ensure you go for something that blends with your outfit so your shoes don’t ruin your look. In some cases, you’ll want to coordinate the color with the color of your outfit. Stilettos and pumps tend to add more length to your body’s height. Final note, keep your shoes clean and polished!


8.   Wear your hair nicely

You can keep your hair in a bun but we recommend letting them loose if you want to create a youthful and more attractive look. This type of styling tends to make the face seem a bit slimmer than it actually is.


9.   Keep accessories and makeup minimal

Heavy makeup and excessive accessories can ruin your look.

Keep your choice of jewelry muted and minimal and ensure your makeup is not excessive as well. Keep it simple and minimal and see how this will help you look classy and beautiful, compared to going overboard which might eventually crush your overall look.


10.  Keep your Indian dresses well-ironed

It doesn’t matter how much t cost you to buy your Indian dresses. If it’s crumpled, it will ruin your look. To look more attractive, ensure your Indian dresses are well-ironed before you step out.


11.   Proper grooming is important

When you’re free on weekends, take the time to tend to yourself.

Proper grooming is essential to your overall outlook. Take the time needed to get your pedicure, manicure, waxing, eyebrow tweezing, and other necessary things done. Wear a nice fragrance and brush your teeth and floss properly before stepping out to avoid bad breath and odor. It’s not only important to look good. You have to smell good too!


12.  Don’t get lost in the trends

One more thing about looking good is that you really don’t have to follow every trend.

You really don’t have to try out every new dress that Kareena Kapoor wears. And while our choice of fashion is ultimately informed by trends, it’s always good to wear more of what makes you look gorgeous and perfect than jumping on every new trend all of the time.


Final words

Whether it’s a saree, a lehenga, salwar kameez, casual wear, or whatever, it’s always important to be confident in your body. It’s important to know that you’re beautiful already.

And while there are always nice clothes around to help bring out this beauty in you, incorporating these tips into your routines will help you easily look like a million bucks in your ethnic Indian dress.

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