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Top 10 reasons your friends never talk about Indian dresses

In about 10 years to come, the fashion industry in India according to the experts will be number three in the entire world. The industry is huge in India. Every state has its fashion and within the state; some dimensions are different from each other. The industry is uncoordinated.

People talk less about the Indian dresses based on the fact that they have no depth about what it all involves. It is when you are an authority on a topic that you will be able to speak on the subject. We are going to talk about 10 facts about fashion from India that are not known to the people and hence the reason why they rarely talk about fashion from that part of the world in the open.

1 National Institute of Fashion Technology

The literacy level is poor in that part of the world. Those that are not academically sound cannot get to the institute which is saddled with the task of teaching the people the technology involved in modern fashion. This is the reason for the low level of information in the industry and the reason why people are not bold enough to speak about the topic in the open.

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2 There is no organization 

The number of industries in the sector is numerous but only very few of them are recognized. As of now, the industry is not organized. This is responsible for the low level of knowledge that people have towards the fashion industry.

3 The saree is huge

Devnaagri - Burgundy Saree with Raw Silk Blouse
Image source: Devnaagri

This is perhaps the most popular of all the brands and it covers a lot of ground which the average person cannot explain. There are various options for both male and female that the majority is not aware of. The saree outfit on itself can form a case study. The locals shy away from talking about this outfit because of the little knowledge that they have about this outfit.

4 Numerous silk and cotton

After China, India is the second-largest producer of silk materials. As far as cotton is concerned; India is the third-largest producer. Some traditions are bye gone which the current players are trying to revive. Since there is scant literature on the industry and coupled with the fact that little is known about the industry; it becomes difficult for people to speak authoritatively about the industry.

5 There is still a long way to go

The prospects to get to the top are on the ground. But for now, the industry remains largely cosmetics. The funding and support base is still lacking. And because the industry is still suffering neglect, the attention on the industry is not as high as it out to be. This is responsible for the scanty information that we have in the industry.

6 Export quality fabric

Several countries have set up their fabric manufacturing unit in India. This so because of the cheap labor that is available for grabs. The information about these companies who are in the numbers is never in the public domain. So, anyone that wants to main his integrity will rather keep mum on a topic he has a faint idea on. This has been a lot of Indian dress or Indian Clothes.

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7 Mundum Neriyathum

Know About Mundum Neriyathum Saree | Utsavpedia
Image source: Utsavpedia

The above represents the ancient original form of the saree that is making the waves for the right reasons in the market today. It covers the legs and is still part of today’s fashion from the hot and humid state of Karela. A lightweight top is used to cover the top of the body. The info about the fabric is very scanty.

8 Salwar Kameez

Latest Salwar Kameez Trends, Salwar Kameez Styles, Salwar Designs
Image source: Yeh Hai India

This is another famous piece that is popular among the ladies. They are used to the costumes because they wear them. What about the info that details the origin of the apparel? This is where the missing link lies and the reason why people do not speak on the topic they know next to nothing about.

9 Nehru jackets

Quilted Velvet Nehru Jacket in Dark Teal Blue : MTX701
Image source: Utsav Fashion

This is yet another popular brand that men wear. But ask them about info on the jacket and mum will be the word from their end. This is so because the coordination in the industry is still terribly poor. Access to info is still very scanty.

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10 Lungi

Ever wondered why many of us don't wear a lungi to the mall' | Kannada Movie News - Times of India
Image source: Times of India

If you are a first-time visitor to India; you are going to be surprised at the popularity of this dress among men. As popular as this dress is among the people; they are not informed about the history behind the cloth. This is why they shy away from wearing this apparel.


The fashion industry in India has made giant strides. But ask the average local about the history behind the Indian dresses that they beautifully adorn; mum will be the world. This is due to the lack of info on the subject matter.

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