What You Need to Know About Indian Wedding Dresses


For your upcoming wedding, you need to get ready in advance. One of the most important things you need to do is to buy and get your wedding dress ready. Also, you need to know how you will style up and accessorize your Indian wedding dress. To help you have an easy time why buying and styling up your Indian wedding outfit, here are important things you need to know about Indian wedding dresses.

Indian wedding dresses vary in shape, design and color

What makes the buying process a little confusing is the different styles, colors and shapes of Indian bridal attires. If you have never researched about wedding dresses, you can have a difficult time picking the right outfit. To avoid that, you need to know that Indian wedding outfits vary with different cultures and customs. But the common wedding outfits include salwar suits, bridal sarees, lehenga and shararas. And jewelry. The common Indian wedding outfits color is red. Red is associated with the rising sun and is seen as a color for fertility and prosperity. But you can make your bridal attire look more personal by adding neutral tones or even unexpected colors combinations.

When it comes to bridal wedding dress shape, you have to be very careful. You should buy a wedding dress that goes well with your style and body shape. Unless it is custom-made, don’t buy what is trending, it may not be ideal for you.  There are many trendy designs of wedding dresses and you need to buy a dress that reflects your personality. With all that in mind, you will buy one of the best wedding dresses.

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Indian Wedding Dresses

A good Indian wedding outfit can be expensive

Although you will wear the wedding outfit for just one day, you should expect to spend good money; that is if you want the best wedding dress. Wedding dresses are made of different fabrics and designs, and some fabrics and styles are expensive than others. You just need to research online, know affordable outfits, do a price comparison and then make your purchase. You can also talk with your designer for ideas and you will buy a bridal outfit that fits you right and makes you glow on your big day.

Learn the tricks to accessorize your Indian wedding dress

Footwear, Jewelry and makeup are part of your wedding outfit. When you get everything right, you will have a gorgeous look. First, choose footwear that is not too complicated. Footwear that is comfortable and classy is just fine. When it comes to makeup, have a professional makeup artist to help you out. However, the makeup should complement the wedding dress and the beautifying ornaments. When wearing jewellery, do it thoughtfully. It is advisable to wear a hero piece of jewelry, and build the rest of the jewellery around it. For instance, when you wear a larger necklace, go for small earrings. For consistency, go for colours that complement each other.

Stylish embellishments are preferred

A good Indian wedding dress should have unique embroidery work. A plain wedding dress will not make the statement or even make your wedding memorable. Therefore, top designers recommend that when buying an Indian bridal dress, go for heavily embellished attire. That way, you will not only look smart in your wedding dress but also stand out from the crowd.

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Final Words

You don’t want to make any mistakes when buying or styling your Indian wedding dress. Consider the above information, and you will buy and accessorize your Indian wedding dress in the right way. That way, you will look hot on your wedding day.


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