Best Bridesmaid Gifts – List of 50 Bridal Party Gift Ideas


If you want the best-organized wedding that will be the talk of the town for a long time to come, then one of the tricks is to pamper the bridesmaids. We have a list of the best bridesmaid gifts that you can use to achieve the desired results.

Shopping guide for the best bridesmaid gifts

A lot is involved in the process that leads to any wedding. One of the things that couples will worry about is the gifts that they will give the bridesmaid. They deserve the best on account of their loyalty.

What can you get the bridesmaid? How can you show the bridesmaid that you really cared for them? You need a buying guide. What you are about reading are 50 adorable options that you can use to say thank you to the bridesmaids. Our list covers all the ranges that are making the waves for the right reasons in 2021. Enjoy!

List of 50 best Bridesmaid gifts

1. Peony & Blush Cabdle

Beauty . Fashion . Lifestyle : Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede | Peony blush  suede, Jo malone peony, Jo malone peony blush suede

The Peony & Blush candle is a beautiful present for any occasion. Moreover, the sued cent is a perfect way to say a big thank you to the love of your life

2. Pyjama set

Pyjama set

This is one evening wear that your dame will love. You will get the glow from your bridesmaids if you go for options that are of super high quality. They can have their initials on it.

3. Tom Ford Black Parfum

Tom Ford Black Parfum

The scent is very intoxicating and any maid anywhere in the world will fall for the fragrance of this perfume. It will make the day of any fashionable lady.

4. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings
Image: Etsy

You can look in the direction of tiny stud diamond earrings to make the day of your loved one. Ladies love diamonds; the tiny studs will sweep them off their feet.

5. Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase
Image: Lelini

The pure silk pillowcase is another gift idea that you can use to spark the interest of your dotting bride. You are going to get a huge range of colors to choose from.

6. Gift Coin

Silver Coins, Small Gold Coins Are Popular Items For Holiday Gift-Gifting  This Year| Kitco News

With less than £100, you will get a gift coin for the maid. Choose the right color among the various options that are available. She will be pleased with the gift.

7. Imperial Rosé

Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial Rosé Champagne Price & Reviews | Drizly

Another perfect gift is the Moet & Chandon Imperial Rosé. When you choose it with a personalized tin, you will succeed in making your maids fall in love with it.

8. Open Leaf Bangle

Gold & Silver Leaf Bangles Shop | Open bangle bracelet,  Metal cuff bracelet, Womens bracelets

When you go for a personalized Open Leaf Bangle, you will achieve the objective of achieving something that will add elegance to their dress. You can personalize it with your own loving message to them.

9. Photo Frame

Frame On Wall Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Another great way to express your affection and love for them is through the Bridesmaid Photo Frame. It is a big way to say thank you to them for their support, love and care for you.

10. Mothership Gift Set

Bloom and Blossom THE MOTHERSHIP Gift Set |

The Bloom & Blossom’s Mothership gift set is one of the best bridesmaid gifts around. It is one of the beautiful items that your bridesmaids will need before the special day of the wedding.

11. Crystal Necklace

Shard Crystal Necklace - Citrine, Amethyst, Quartz, Tigers eye, Aventurine,  Lapis | Shopee Philippines
Image: Shopee

One of the great ways to excite the bridesmaid can be achieved through the Swarovski Crystal Necklace. You can take it to the next level by having the names of each of them engraved on the necklace.

12. Personalised Cross Body Bag

Personalised Leather Crossbody Bag With Patterned Strap in 2021 | Leather crossbody  bag small, Leather crossbody, Crossbody bag

This is another great way to excite the besties that will form part of the wedding party. When you present them with cross-body bags that are personalized, you are going to succeed in taking the excitement to the next level.

13. Personalised Dressing Gown

Women's Dressing Gowns | Personalised & Unique |

With about 40 pounds, you can get a personalized bridesmaid dressing gown that the bridesmaid will love to appear in a photo shoot. Make sure you pick a gorgeous luxury fabric that will make the jaws of the maids drop.

14. Oil Bath

Go for a relaxing oil bath

The bath oil will make a pleasurable gift anytime any day. Make sure you choose options that are decadent and luxurious. The team of bridesmaids will put in a lot of hard work; this gift is a perfect soak for them after the wedding.

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15. The Strawberry Smash Gin

Introducing Sipsmith's Strawberry Smash Gin

This is a super luxury gift item that the adventurous bridesmaids will fall in love with. It will add an extra boozy fun to the day.

16. Bridesmaid Hair Comb

Maroon flower comb Pink floral headpiece Wedding hair comb Burgundy flower  accessories Bridesmaids hair piece wedding | Bridesmaid hair pieces,  Wedding hair head piece, Wedding hair pieces

You can express your love and appreciation for the maids through the Butterfly Bridesmaid Hair Comb. It is a gorgeous item that can be worn by the maids on your special day.

17. Loving Candle

Bokeh of Love! by Jane Chuah | 500px | Candles, Bokeh, Romantic candlelight

If you are short of ideas on how to express your feelings of appreciation to the ladies, then you can look in the direction of gifting them loving candles. Go for top-rated options that will delight the maids.

18. Preserved Flowers

Give the Perfect Gift with These Beautiful Preserved Flowers – That's  Shanghai

When you go for preserved options as opposed to fresh flowers, you will take the excitement among the team of bridesmaids to the next level. They are easy to maintain and last forever. It is a perfect way to keep the memory of the day in the minds of the ladies.

19. Bridesmaid Make Up Case

Makeup bag Makeup Case Cosmetic Bag for wedding favors matron bridesmaids  stuff Makeup Pouch Make U… | Bridesmaid makeup bag, Personalized makeup  bags, Makeup pouch

This is an essential need for bridesmaids. They need something glamorous and handy where they can keep their makeup. Go for options that have stylish gold lettering and you will draw the excitement out of the maids of honor.

20. Box of Poems

fear, fun and filoz: Poems on a box

This will make the day of every literary maid. Go for options that are cute and have the capacity to bring lots of joy to the maids. The best among them are full of tongue-in-check musings.

21. Bridesmaid Keepsake Box

16 Best Bridesmaid Gift Boxes and Sets (Free Personalization Today) -  Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique
Image: Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique

This is another great gift idea that you can use to bring out the excitement in the maids. When you go for personalized models, they will think of you long after the wedding day. This is a place where they will keep their jewelry and other personal effects.

22. Bridal Party Hip Flask

Personalised Bridal Party Hip Flask By The Alphabet Gift Shop |

The best hip flasks are playful and come with fun. Made from stainless steel, they can be personalized for each maid.

23. Bridesmaid Hanger

Love the design of these bridesmaids hangers! | Personalized Wedding Dress  Hangers | Bridal Party Hanger… | Wedding dress hanger, Bridal party hangers,  Dress hanger

You can go for wooden personalized options. It will surely make the day of the fashionable bridesmaid. It will add a touch of class and personality to your special day.

24. Spa Day in a Box

August-Spa-Day-Box.Html - My Reward Box
Image: My Reward Box

This is a gift set that contains items that will make the day of any bride. It is a perfect way to say thank you to the maids for being there for you.

25. Bridesmaid Bangle

Initial Knot Bracelet 26 Letters Bangles for Girlfriends A-Z | Etsy | Bridesmaid  bracelet gift, Knot bracelet bridesmaid, Engraved bridesmaid gifts

Ladies must tie the knot. This is why the bridesmaid bangle comes into the big picture. It is needed to expertly tie the knot on their special day.

26. Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror | Luxy Hair
Image: Luxy Hair

Ladies are used to mirrors. When you present them with engraved compact mirrors that are personalized, you will surely make their day!

27. Waffle Spa Slipper : TRAVELWELL Closed Toe Waffle Spa Slippers Hotel Unisex Slippers  for Women and Men 12 Pairs per Case White : Beauty & Personal Care
Image: Amazon

This is yet another gift item that your maids will appreciate. The majority will appear in high heels on your special day. They might need the spa slippers as a relief from their aching heels.

28. Bridesmaid Keyring

Bridesmaid Personalised Keyring in 2021 | Bridesmaids personalized,  Bridesmaid proposal gifts, Bridesmaid proposal

The best among them are gorgeous in appearance. When you personalize them for each of the maids, they will fall in love with them.

29. Scented Candle

Buy Linari Estate Scented Candle - 190g | AMARA
Image: AMARA

Another great idea is to get a scented candle in a glass holder for each of the maids. Go for options that are pocket-friendly and you will make the day of your bride.

30. Sleep mask

Navy Sleep Mask – Slip (US)
Image: Slip

If you wanted to have a slumber party before the wedding, then one of the best bridesmaid gifts is the slumber sleep mask. This is something handy that the beauties will appreciate.

31. Stud earrings

Star Studs Outline Star Stud Earrings Tiny Star Earrings | Etsy | Simple stud  earrings, Star earrings stud, Ear jewelry

You can easily make a star out of your maids by gifting them with gorgeous inspired earrings. It is an excellent way to complement the dress sense of the maids.

32. Bridesmaid socks

Womens Socks Wedding Party Socks Bridesmaid Bride Socks Casual Cotton Socks  Gift For Bridesmaid | Wish
Image: Wish

The best of the socks are appealing and adorable. It can be worn by the maids to the hen party or when they are getting set for the big day.

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33. Bridesmaid Badge

HappiLife :: For Wedding :: Badges :: Soft Peach Bridesmaid badge
Image: Happipress

These pink badges will brighten the day of your maids. It is a small token that will go all the way towards keeping the memory of the day in the minds of the maids.

34. Tote Bag

Tote Bag | Stanley/Stella
Image: Stanley/Stella

Another brilliant way to keep the remembrance of your special day in the minds of your maids is by gifting them Tot bags. They can fill them with goodies.

35. Gold Bridesmaid Planner

Busy B Gold Bridesmaid Planner
Image: John Lewis

A notebook for the bridesmaid who loves to plan is an ideal gift item. This is a lovely notebook that the maids can hold for a long time after your special day.

36. Custom Wine Tumbler

Personalized Wine Tumbler — White Confetti Box
Image: White Confetti Box

The custom wine tumblers are insulated and will bear the names of each maid. Go for colors that will match the color pallet of your wedding day.

37. Speckled Minimalist Ring Dish

Wedding Gift / Speckled Minimalist Ring Dish / Jewelry Dish / | Etsy in  2021 | Polymer clay jewelry diy, Clay jewelry diy, Diy clay crafts

The maids will no doubt love this dish. It is advised that you go for handcrafted options that will connect well with each of the maids.

38. Personalized Foldover Clutches

Monogrammed clutch / Personalized printed clutch bag / Foldover clutch  purse… | Monogram clutch, Personalized clutch purse, Personalized clutch

If you want to make the echo of the day last for a long time after the day, then go for personalized folder clutches. It is a gift item that will add spice to the day.

39. Gold Zodiac Necklace

The Gold Zodiac Pendant Necklace – Molten Store
Image: Molten Store

There are 12 zodiac signs. Every human being belongs to one. You can target the zodiac sign of each of the maids and use it as an expression of love and feelings through a gold zodiac necklace.

40. Personalized Acrylic Clutch

Personalized Acrylic Clutch Box Clutch Custom Mrs. Clutch | Etsy | Bridal  clutch, Acrylic clutch, Acrylic box clutch

The acrylic clutch is a fashion that is making waves. When you personalize the bags on behalf of each of the maids, you will make a big statement among them.

41. Bridal Gals Bridal Party Robes

Bridal robes make getting ready so much fun in a feminine and beautiful  way, which explains why they are … | Wedding day robes, Bridesmaid robes, Bridal  party robes

This is yet another super way to show gratitude to the maids that have been there for you. The wording on the back of the robe should be customized.

42. Minute Sugar Cube Trio

Sugar Cubes For Mimosas | POPSUGAR Food

If you want to add more excitement to the wedding party, then you can go for a minute sugar cube trio. The maids will love the appearance of one cube in their Champaign glass.

43. Quartz Jade Roller

Jade Versus Rose Quartz Facial Rollers- What's The Difference? – Solaris  Laboratories NY
Image: Solaris Laboratories NY

It will make a big statement if you gift the maids with a luxury that will help them to relax on the morning of the wedding day. It will give the maids soothing relief that will calm their frayed nerves.

44. Sea Salt Bath Soak

Benefits of a Sea Salt Bath: Types, Best Practices, Precautions
Image: Healthline

When you present the maids with this gift item, it will enable them to achieve a relaxed home spa experience that they will cherish forever. This bath will help to detoxify and relax sore muscles.

45. Phone Cases | Iphone cases, Cute phone cases,  Phone cases

Every maid definitely owns a mobile phone. You can complement it with an accessory that they will cherish for a long time after the wedding. One bright idea is the Baublebar X OMC Phone Cases.

46. Personalized Champaign

Engraved Champagne Bottles & Sparkling Wine | EtchingX

Another brilliant way to show appreciation to the maids is through the gift of “Our Big Day” Personalized Champagne. You are going to make a big statement with this gift item.

47. Personalized Jean Jacket

Custom Jean Jackets with Hand Drawn Logos | Diy denim jacket, Customised denim  jacket, Custom denim jacket

You can show appreciation with the gift of a personalized jean jacket. It will be fun to snap group photos with this jacket.

48. Gold Plaited Necklace

Gold Plated Necklace | Etsy
Image: Etsy

The dress sense of any fashionable lady is not complete without jewelry to back up their dress sense. The gift of a gold plaited necklace with the initials of the maids will send the right signals.

49. Get Your Glow On Daily Ritual Set

Daily Ritual Method | Lagom Body Co.
Image: Lagom Body Co.

This is a sweet-smelling set that will add spice to your special day when the maids get hold of this collection.

50. Makeup Bag

Makeup bag: mint - cute vegan make up bags by Szududu
Image: Szududu

Ladies love to appear at their best. On your special day, it will not be out of place if you present each of the ladies with makeup bags. It will be handy on your special day and even beyond.


The list above represents the best bridesmaid gift ideas that you can think of this year. The inclusion as part of your special day will make it unique.


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