Salwar Suit Fabrics: Which Fabric is Right for You!


Salwar suits have been there for a long time, and people from different parts of the world are wearing this ethnic outfit. Salwar suits can be used for parties, traditional events, weddings and even casual wear. However, you must pick the right style and fabric to look more attractive and feel comfortable in a salwar suit. Knowing that salwar kameez are available in different fabrics, here are tips to help you pick the right salwar suit fabric ideal for your styling needs and budget.

Tips to choose Salwar Suit Fabrics


Cotton is one of the best materials used to make quality salwar kameez. The material is comfortable and ideal for all seasons and occasions. Cotton salwar suits are ideal party, official and casual wear. In addition, cotton fabric is airy, absorbent and highly durable. What’s more, the fabric is improved with embroidery and print patterns. Cotton salwar suits are affordable. If you are a little overweight, you should avoid cotton salwar suit. Cotton fabrics will add more volume to your body, and make you look fatter. Also, if you are buying your salwar suit for partying, go for less stiff fabrics like chiffon, not cotton.

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Silk is another top fabric used to make high value Indian attires, including salwar kameez. There are different silk types such as dupion silk, art silk, upadda silk and more. All these fabrics can vary in lightness and softness. However, silk is well known and loved for its softness and shiny surface, making it ideal for big occasions. Silk salwar suits can be a little expensive but will speak more about you during that party or event. The best thing about silk is that it can be easily blended with other materials like cotton, to make salwar suits of highest quality.

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In recent years, Georgette fabric has become very popular across the world. The fabric is soft and highly comfortable. In addition, the georgette salwar suits feature exciting embroidery work like zari, aari, resham threading, among others. The fabric is not that cheap, and can be used for parties, special occasions and even casual wear. If you want to look more unique and classy, you can consider georgette salwar suits.


Chiffon is a high-end fabric that is very light and soft. In addition, the fabric is almost translucent. For that reason, if you like a tight body-hugging salwar suit, you can consider a chiffon salwar suit. The only issue about chiffon fabric is that it’s a little expensive. However, if you want something stylish, classy and hot, go for a chiffon salwar suit.

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Other fabrics

Crepe is a top quality fabric you can consider when buying salwar kameez. The fabric mostly features machine embellishments and will look good on you if you want to emphasize your body figure. The fabric is very soft and most importantly, comfortable. There are other luxurious fabrics like net, satin, organza, brocade and velvet. The fabrics come with classy designs with beautifying details of stones, breads work and sequins. If you want a luxurious and expensive salwar suit, opt for a multilayered net salwar outfit with satin, brocade and velvet layers.

Final Words

Choosing a fabric for your salwar suits can be a bit confusing. On the market, there are stiff and heavier materials like silk and cotton, and on the other hand, there are soft and light materials like chiffon and crepe. Also, there are less expensive and high-end fabrics. Therefore, consider the above information, and you will choose the right salwar suit fabric.

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