What Is the Difference Between Indian and Pakistani Salwar Kameez

What Is the Difference Between Indian and Pakistani Salwar Kameez?

Salwar Kameez, also known as Shalwar Kameez in some parts of India, is a popular staple of both Indian and Pakistani fashion. This fashion outfit is usually comprised of a salwar (the bottom or pants) and kameez or kurti (the top or shirt). Salwar Kameez designs can range from simple Salwar Kameez suits to Salwar sets featuring intricate designs and complex embroidery.

While it’s common in both India and Pakistan, buyers often wonder if there are differences between Indian and Pakistani salwar kameez outfits.

Of course, there are subtle differences between salwar sets from both countries. And in this guide, we’ll try as much as we can to highlight these differences so you can appreciate the creativity and artistry that goes into making your gorgeous-looking salwar kameez even more!

Indian Salwar Kameez

Indian Salwar Kameez – A Brief Look

Only a few other garments come close to the functionality and versatility of Salwar Kameez in ethnic Indian women’s fashion. While this dress has a history believed to date back to the Mughal empire era, this piece of Indian fashion has evolved over the years and has been reimagined by fashion designers in different ways. In a sense, the Indian Salwar Kameez is both ethnic and modern and will help you create a chic, stylish, and classic look.

The embroidery and embellishments on Indian Salwar Kameez dresses are usually the first things to strike you. This intricate surface ornamentation requires a great deal of creativity and artistry to get right. Popular enhancements on these dresses could range from thread to resham, zardosi, zari, stone, pearl, kardana, etc.

Indian Salwar suits are often short or medium length.

Straight, slim fit suits are also more common with a bottom that could be a salwar, a churidaar, or patiyala, among others. Salwar Kameez in India could be made from both light and heavy fabrics.  While most casual salwar kameez dresses are made from cotton, cotton silk, georgette, and similar materials, more formal and occasional Salwar kameez dresses are made from silk, velvet, net, brocade, tulle, jacquard, etc.

Pakistani Salwar Kameez

Pakistani Indian Salwar Kameez: A Brief Look

Salwar Kameez is as popular in Pakistan as it is in India.

They feature just as much embroidery but the embroidery is mostly done in resham and thread. Pakistani Salwar suits range in size from mostly long to floor-length dresses.  Also, most of the embellishments on the dresses are often done on the border and bodice. The bottom wear in Pakistan salwar kameez is often churidaar although this may not be seen in floor-length bottoms. Many salwar suits in Pakistan tend to have open fronts with slits and the fabric most commonly used are satin, velvet, and georgette.

Pakistani salwar kameez enjoys popular acceptance in India.

They are both stylish and trendy and tend to come with subtle placket details. The dupatta and churidaar usually come in matching style and colors and the dupatta in Pakistani salwar kameez is usually heavier, compared to Indian Salwar kameez, but we’ll go into more details below!

Subtle differences between Indian and Pakistan salwar kameez

When comparing Salwar Kameez from India and Pakistan, the difference is always in the detail, obviously. Most of the key differences can be seen in how the embroidery is done, the common sleeves and neckline styles, as well as the type of fabric often used for both types of salwar suits. The table below offers a glimpse;


Key Differences Indian Salwar Kameez Pakistan Salwar Kameez
Embroidery Surface ornamentation on the fabric usually with zari, zardosi, stone, pearl, resham, thread, kardana, etc Embroidery is usually separate from the fabric and often done with thread and resham.
Common Fabric More diverse fabric types range from chiffon to georgette, silk, cotton and cotton silk, net, velvet, jacquard, tissue, tulle, brocade, etc. Pakistan salwar kameez is mostly made from satin, velvet, or georgette.
Sleeve style Includes no-sleeve, as well as elbow and full sleeves. Elbow sleeves and full sleeves are more common in Pakistan Salwar Kameez.
Neckline Diverse necklines and sleeve style The neckline usually ranges from u or v to round and collared.
Suit length Range from short to medium length Range from medium to floor-length

Indian and Pakistani Salwar Kameez dresses have a lot in common.

But the subtle differences in style and pattern of these salwar suits make them unique to both countries although Salwar Kameez dresses from both countries permeate each other. These dresses are a favorite of many in this part of South Asia. They are as great for weddings and formal occasions as much as they are for casual outings.

Recently, there has been a proliferation of backless style Salwar suits in India.

These dresses are bold and sexy and perfect for women trying to create a daring and stylish look. Many celebrities are already rocking this style and many Indian women are also sporting the style to weddings and parties. Salwar Kameez is trendy and timeless and whether it is Indian or Pakistani, these dresses will help complement your body and beauty in style.

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