The fashion industry in India is very huge Indians are passionate about their traditional style of dressing and they will not let it go for anything. Though they are exposed to cultures of the western world; when it comes to love and dressing; Indians prefer Indian dresses above western attires.

Indians are religious about their traditional dresses and their love life is tied to their local dresses. Why do Indian boys prefer their ladies to appear in traditional dresses? We shall be taking a look at some of the reasons for this. It will go on to establish the fact that Indian fashion and love go hand in hand.

Influence of the mother

The average Indian boy is closer to the mother. They owe greater allegiance to their mothers and are used to their lifestyles. When the boy becomes a man and it comes to matters of love; it is natural for them to insist on their girl appearing the fashion sense of their mother. Since the boy dictates the tune in love related matters; the girls will obey.

The above is one of the strongest reasons why love and fashion in Indian cannot be separated. Though the boys are exposed to Hollywood and they come in contact with western clothing; what they have learned from their mothers in their formative years overrides whatever they watch in movies online.

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Cultural and social mindset

Every average Indian is noted for their deep love for their culture and a social mindset. Wherever they find themselves anywhere in the world; they remain forever loyal to their cultural values of fashion. This mindset is carried on by every Indian wherever they find themselves. So when it comes to matters of love; it is impossible to separate their dress sense from their love life.

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Family values

In most parts of India; it is considered a disgrace for the girl to wear western clothes as against their traditional dress. The focus is more on boy education as against educating the girl child. It is believed that the girls will end up been married off. This mentality has tied the girls in particular to traditional dressing as against appearing in western dresses when it comes to matters of love.

It brings out the beauty in Indian girls

The girls in India are getting exposed gradually to western clothing because of the modernization that is taking over the country. You can see the girls on ordinary days in western custom. But on a special day like the day of the wedding; Indians value the Indian Dress And Love and Indian clothes above any other thing. They believe that appearing in their native attire brings out the beauty in them more than in western clothing. This is a myth that is still held among even the educated elites in India today.

Best to appear in traditional clothes on their special day

The day of the wedding is special in the life of every person all over the world. It is a day that people want to remember for their lifetime. The average wants to appear in their ravishing best on their special day. Achieving this according to their mindset cannot come through western fashion. For them; it is native attire or nothing. This is the mentality among the people that have been developed over the years and this attitude might not change for a long time to come.

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The great strides that have been made in the fashion industry in India are not helping matters. The flame of Indian fashion is gradually catching up with the international community. This has given the average Indian boy or girl who is in love with the license to choose their traditional attire over any other thing on their special day.

Excellent for any glorious occasion

The fabric of the fashion industry in India is world-class. There are several breathable options among the attires and it is only natural for Indians to be proud of their own. It is projected that in about a decade time (2030 to the precise); India will be number three on the list of top fashion industries on the international stage.

The fashion culture is very strong in India. Every state in this Asian country has a particular dress sense that they are associated with. The fashion industry in India is alive and the locals revel in the fact that they are having the best industry for fashion in the world. Can you now separate them from this fashion on their special day? I agree with your answer.


The fashion industry in India has come a long way and its steady rise is noticeable to the world at large. For now, there is no separating Indian fashion from the culture of love. Indian dress and love are like conjoined Siamese twins.


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