How to Style Hair with Layers

How to Style Hair with Layers

You probably admire those people with well-styled layered hair. You can as well style your hair just like them and have a flawless look. Layered hair is a unique hair style that can be pulled by almost everybody. You just need to learn a few tips on how to style hair with layers. To help you have a flawless look, read on to learn more.

How to Style Hair with Layers

Blow-dry the hair before styling it

If you are in a rush, you can wash your hair using moisturizing shampoo or any other product. Remember also to use any other hair conditioning product that can enhance the look of your hair.  After that you should wipe your hair using a towel and later use a blow-dryer. Blow drying your hair will ensure that the hair layers are bouncy and more noticeable.  As you dry the hair use your fingers to pull the hair lightly and turn it until it is about 90% dry. After blow-drying you can then style the hair using a boar bristle brush, especially for curly hair.

Straighten the hair using a large ceramic brush with nylon bristles

To add volume and make you hair bouncier, you need to use the above brush. You need to hold the brush underneath a section of the hair and brush it like you are making a C-shape (all the way down and lifting the brush up and out). The straightening will make the layers more visible.

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Apply volumizing product

Why do you have to add layers to your hair style? You add layers to add volume and make your hair appear fuller. As such, it is essential to use a volumizing product that will make your hair appear fuller. These products are available in spray, powder or cream form. It is essential to choose a product that can hold your hair for a long period to ensure you don’t apply it only after a few hours. Besides, consider volumizing products that moisturize the hair.

Add curls if you have straight hair

Once in a while, you should change your look to have a fresh and cool appearance. If you have straight hair, you should add curls, and that will enhance the appearance of the layers. On the other hand, if you have curled hair, you should straighten it up for a fresh look. To add curls to your hair, you will need to use a curling iron or texturing products or spray. In the end, you will have a unique look.

Apply a smoothing serum

Once you have straightened or added curls to your hair, the next thing you can do for a complete look is to apply a smoothing serum. The serum will make your layers appear healthier and moisturized. Smoothing serum has moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that will moisturize the hair and reduce frizz.

Keep the layers healthy

After having a new look, it is essential to take care of the layered hair. Before you use heat on your hair, you should apply a protectant. Also, you should use moisturizing shampoo any time you wash your hair. What’s more, apply deep hair conditioners once a week and trim your hair every 6 weeks.

Final Words

You can style you hair with layers for a fresh look. However, it is not that easy, and you will need to consider the above tips on how to style hair with layers. After learning the tips, it is advisable to be careful while using the blow-dryer, heat products, and other hair products that can ruin your hair. In the end, you will have a new look thanks to the well styled hair with layers.

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