Types of Fabric used in Indian Saree

Fabric used in Indian Saree

The saree is typical of the tradition and culture of the Indian woman. The typical saree ranges from 4 to 9 yards. It is worn as daily wear in most parts of India but is now gaining ground as the choice for special occasions in Indian. Writing about how to shop for it online is never a waste of time.

What you are about reading how you can easily shop for the Indian Saree online. When you have an understanding of the different fabrics involved; it will be pretty easy to obtain the best out of the options that are available online. Here we go!


Silk is an expensive fabric which is preferred for the most occasion and festive wear. If you invest in this, it will lose its quality when it is wet or due to the harsh realities of the sun rays. This is the era of synthetic silk because it costs less and it lasts longer. The Indian silk saree comes in different techniques.

If you want to invest in an Indian silk saree, then you can look in the direction of the following options:

  • Raw Silk & Tussar Silk Sarees
  • Kantha Sarees
  • Banarasi Silk Sarees
  • Patola Silk Sarees
  • Kanchipuram Silk Sarees
  • Paithani Silk Sarees

You can draw inspiration from any of the silk options mentioned above. It is a matter of which one takes your fancy. Go through the features and make your choice among the available options.


This is yet another fashion that you can look up to if you are after the best fashion in India. The brass saree is a delight when it is adorned in the evening. This technology is burnt-out on a base fabric that is used to form attractive patterns. It is one of the tending Indian Saree for the year 2021.

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If you are a fan of light silk, then it is recommended that you look in the direction of Georgette saree.

It is made from an array of prints and dyeing techniques.


This is made from silk and it is lightweight. The appearance has a rough feel

Art silk

If you want to have the appearance of silk but cannot buy silk; then you can go for artificial silk that will cost less and look exactly like silk. The appearance of art silk is awesome. This is the reason for its popularity among the people.

Jacquard weave

If you are after landing the best among the online sarees, then you can look in the direction of the Jacquard weave saree. When you get delivery of this fashion, you can go ahead and pair it with net or velvet in net and half sarees.


You can go for sarees in cotton because of their breathability. This model is natural and extremely breathable. The cotton yarn has strength and versatility and will provide a durable option for anyone that invests in it. Sarees gotten from cotton are extremely beautiful and will give the ideal results that you are going to be proud of when you invest in them.

Maheshwari Saree

This is a hand technology that presents a beautiful appeal when people step out in it. This model is also known as reversible sarees featuring hand block printed motifs. You are going to have real value on your investment in this durable fashion design.

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Chanderi Saree

This is for the lovers of the mixture of silk and cotton. This saree is known for its sheer texture, glossy transparency, lightweight and sheer texture. You are going to have real value for your money if you invest in this model.


You are going to waste valuable time if you undertake a blanket search for the best Indian Saree. The best among the available options have been disclosed above.


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