How to Look Slim and Tall in a Silk Sarees – 7 Easy Tricks!


When you dress in Silk sarees, and drape it the usual way, you may appear fat. Also, considering that many Indian women are short, looking fat and short is likely to happen, and maybe, that is not what you want. For that reason, you need to look for creative ways to wear your saree to look slimmer and tall without wearing heels. To help you out, here are 7 easy tricks.

  1. Pleat your saree in the right way

If you want not only to look slimmer but also more beautiful, you should drape your saree well. Therefore, when draping your saree, make sure you get your pleats right. In addition, you just need to be careful when styling your pallu not to make it too tight. What’s more, to enhance your look, make really nice sleek pleats for a better frame, and that will make you appear taller. Don’t forget to enhance your appearance with beautiful accessories, but keep it simple.

  1. Consider dark colors for your saree

If you have a relatively large body or have a shape that you don’t want to show to the public, you should consider dark colored sarees. Dark colors are great for covering problem areas of your body shape and at the same time, accentuating your beautiful assets. Therefore, when you go to buy for sarees, consider outfits that are a bit dark. Colors like green, navy blue, brown and others are a great option for a slimmer and tall look.

  1. Consider light elongated prints

We all like prints on our attires. But if you want to look taller and slimmer, you have to be careful on the prints you go for. Big, beautiful prints are irresistible, but you need to stay away for them. Go for small and elongated prints that are spread scantly all over the saree. That way, your saree will make you appear just the way you want; slimmer and a bit taller. But be careful on the color your pick; some prints and some colors can make you look funny.

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Silk sarees
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  1. Go for longer sleeved blouses

Half sleeved blouses have been used for decades, and you need to break from that monotony if you want to look unique in your saree. You need to consider longer-sleeved blouses for a new elegant look.  It is important to note that when well-designed and draped, you will not only look gorgeous but also taller and slimmer. You don’t have to wear those heels to look taller when going to that party.

  1. Tie your saree below the navel

Ladies drape sarees differently and in most cases, they get it wrong. You need to consider your body shape, and style when deciding how to tie your saree. For a unique, slimmer look, consider tying your saree just below the navel. This allows your saree to cover the contours of your body and most importantly, elongate your frame.

  1. Choose light fabrics

Some fabrics will make you appear fatter as they are hard to drape naturally around your body. Materials such as cotton and organza should not be in your wish list as they are stiff. Therefore, you should go for light, airy fabrics like satin, chiffon, crepe or georgette. These fabrics will naturally drape around your beautiful body making you appear slimmer. Also, consider a long dupatta for a taller look.

  1. Go for custom-made sarees

If you really want something that will look great on you, regardless of your body shape, consider custom made sarees. There are many saree designers out there, willing to take your measurements and make customized saree for you. The best designers will make sarees that will fit you right and give you that slimmer and taller look. But when picking the garment materials, choose right print and fabric.

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Final Words

If you want to look great and unique for all occasions, you should have beautiful sarees. Besides that, for an enhanced look, you should carefully drape your saree. In addition, to look slimmer and taller without wearing your beautiful heels, consider the above tips. Therefore, use the tips, and you will have that unique look for parties or traditional events.


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