8 Ways To Look Stylish In Silk Sarees


The fashion industry is changing with the times. Getting the best fashion to beef up the wardrobe will not come your way if you do not have the tips that are required to land the best designs among the trendy options that are available at any point in time.

Our attention shall be on Silk Sarees in the USA. The majority of them will bear proudly Indian or Pakistan but in fact, they are manufactured outside the Asian continent and the qualities that come with their designs cannot be compared to the original.

The focus of this article will be based on 8 different fascinating ways through which you can look stylish in a saree. Here we go!

  1. Pleat Your saree

No matter the quality of the saree; you have a responsibility to ensure that it is properly draped. You must get your pleat right if you want to bring out the raw beauty in the saree. Your comfort level will determine the style of pleating. Half the battle to look nice is won with proper draping of our saree

  1. Go for light fabrics

If you want to achieve the best drape; then go for fabrics that drape naturally because they will easily complement and enhance your beauty regime. Fabrics like cotton and organza are stiff and should be avoided. There is wisdom in going for light and airy fabrics. Your best friends, if you are going for six yards, include georgette; chiffon or crepe. There are various dimensions of this online.

  1. The right colors
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There is something in colors that send the right message. The color of the fabric must be one that will complement your looks when you appear in the attire. The best choice irrespective of your complexion is the dark color. This will help cover up the problem spots in the complexion of your body. When this is done, it will be pretty easy to get the best out of your shape.

  1. Size and print of the attire

Another trend that will bring the best results out of your style is the texture of the material that you want to go for. With small and elongated prints on your saree, it will go all the way to add a statement to your appearance. It makes you look taller than your actual size. It is strongly advised that you keep this point in mind when you are picking your saree.

  1. Borders

If the target of appearing in your stylish best is to be achieved; then you have to choose thin borders above elongated borders among the online options. If you go for broad borders; it will not be in the interest of your appearance because it will make you look shorter. When you g for options with subtle borders; it will flow along your borders and add beauty and elegance to your frame.

  1. Sleeves

Our advice on this is to go for longer sleeves because they will be in your best interest. When you choose a blouse with a longer sleeve, it will create an illusion of tall stature in the eyes of the people.

  1. Drape
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If you can get it right with the drape of the Saree in the USA, then issues bothering on style will be half solved. When you tie the saree below the navel, it will go all the length in covering all the contour areas of the body.

  1. Accessories to match

Having come this far with the best styles, it will not be out of place to conclude that you are going to need the right accessories that will complement the style that you are appearing in.


Your investment in Saree in the USA will not be complete if you do not know how to go about getting the right styles that will complement your looks when you step out. All that is needed to look at your creative best have been discussed above.


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