The Indian fashion industry is evolving fast, and you need to keep up with the trends to ensure you look beautiful and attractive. Wearing your lehenga choli the usual way is not a wise thing to do nowadays. It makes you look simple and boring at times. You need to learn the new tricks to style up your lehenga choli to look gorgeous when attending that wedding or any other event. Here are tips to help you look attractive in a lehenga.

  1. Avoid heavy embellishment on both lehenga and choli

When dressing up for a simple party or event, you should not wear both lehenga and choli with heavy embellishments. The secret is to keep it simple – if your lehenga is heavily embellished, consider a plain choli, and vice versa. When you wear heavily embellished bottom and top, you will look overdone. However, when you are attending a wedding or you are the bride or bride maid, you can go for heavily embellished lehenga choli.

  1. Go for contrasting colors

Gone are the days when you must match the color of the lehenga and choli. In the latest fashion trends, contrasting colors have taken the center stage. When you go for contrasting colors, you will look unique and most importantly, stylish. But you must carefully pick the colors to avoid ruining the whole style. However, you can go for a lehenga and choli of the same color, but go for a dupatta of a contrasting color. This gives you the room to wear tops you have not been wearing in your wardrobe.

  1. Choose color according to the event
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If you want to look attractive and youthful when attending a party, you need to carefully pick the right color of your lehenga. Bright colors are ideal for weddings. Also, soft colors are ideal for night corporate events, or occasions. On the other hand, dark colors look better during day time events. What’s more, for some traditional events, you can consider a combination of colors to ensure you don’t look the odd one out at the occasion.

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  1. Carefully pick your jewellery

You will not have a complete look in a lehenga choli without some jewellery.  You should choose your jewelry based on your lehenga and even the occasion you are attending. It is essential not to wear lots of jewelry when wearing a lehenga. That will make you look overdone. Keep it simple. For instance, you can wear heavy necklaces and pair it with studs or small earrings. When you wear statement earrings, consider a simple necklace or don’t wear it. Make sure you balance the lehenga choli and jewelry. But if you are the bride, you can wear as many jewelry as you can, it’s your big day.

  1. Lining and length of the lehenga

You need to wear a lehenga with the correct lining. If the lining is incorrect, the whole attire will look incomplete, and that will affect your appearance. Also, go for a lehenga that is not too long that it sweeps the floor, or is too shot. That way, you will be the centre of attraction at the party. For a more enhanced look, consider wearing heels with your lehenga.

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Final Words

The way you style up your lehenga will determine your overall look. If you consider the above styling tips, you will definitely look more attractive and unique. Matching your lehenga with the top is acceptable, but contrasting colors are trendy nowadays. To spice up the look, wear trendy heels, makeup and some jewelry.


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