To look slimmer and at the same time stylish in your Pakistani dress, you need to learn a few tricks. The tips will help you not show off undesirable areas that indicate you are little fat. Also, the tips will also help you look youthful, even if you are an aged lady. To learn the tricks, continue reading.

Get it right in choosing the fabrics

If you are little overweight and prefer ethnic outfits, you have to be careful when picking the fabrics of the Pakistani clothes you buy.  Some fabrics will show that you are bigger than you are, while some materials will make you appear slimmer than you actually are. You just need to know your body type and go for fabrics ideal for you. If you are a little heavier, you can go for chiffon and georgette materials. However, if you are petite, you can consider silk and cotton fabrics.

Wear designer lehenga on point

If you have some fats on the belly, and don’t want people to notice that, you should wear your lehenga in the right way. You can wear the lehenga in a special way to look super flat on the tummy.  The secret is to wear the lehenga under the ribs and above the tummy. This will ensure you look slimmer and stylish if you match the lehenga with a nice top.

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A dupatta will do the trick

If you want to look slimmer and more stylish, a dupatta can help you a great deal.  You just need to pick a colorful dupatta and drape it around you in a smart way to conceal the areas you don’t want to show off. A dupatta pinned on one side and hanging like a sari is a better option. You can use it to hide that huge tummy and even cover up the side bulges.

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Darker colors can help you out

Colors have a big say in your look. When you buy Pakistani dresses online and notice that they are a bit brighter, you need to keep them in your wardrobe; that is if you want to look slimmer. You should opt for darker colors as they work magic to make you look all slender.  Black, browns, wines, mulberry and other darker colors will always make you look slimmer and stylish.

Wear matching tops and bottoms

Even if you don’t like monotone outfits, you need to consider them to ensure you look thinner. You should wear tops and bottoms of the same color to create an uninterrupted vertical line. That way, you will not only look slimmer, but also flawless.

Try shapewear under your Pakistani dresses

Shape wears have come to save ladies that want to hide their tummies and bulges. If you have bulges that piss you off, and don’t want the public to take notice of them, you should wear a shapewear under your dress. As a result, you will be taming and hiding bulges at the same time.

Final Words

If you want to look slimmer, and at the same time stylish in Pakistani dresses, you need to consider soft fabrics. In addition, you should consider wearing matching tops and bottoms. What’s more, when you buy Pakistani dresses online, go for black, brown or other darker colors. Besides all that, your posture will also play a key role in making you appear slimmer. Therefore, consider the above tips, and you will look stylish and slimmer in your Pakistani dresses.

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