How to Choose an Indian Wedding Dress for Brides


The institution of marriage is a big deal in India.

Weddings here can last as long as three days, and according to, these events are like a huge fashion show! From choosing vibrant colors to intricate patterns and ornate beadings, every bride wants to take the time to style an outfit they’ll like.

We understand that choosing wedding dresses is a big deal anywhere in the world.

So, if you’re an Indian bride hoping to tie the knot anytime soon, this guide will help make the process of selecting your Indian wedding dress a lot less stressful and a whole lot exciting!

Indian Wedding Dress for Brides

Establishing a budget for your traditional Indian wedding dress

Indian weddings are not cheap!

Again, wedding dresses will claim a significant portion of your budget. But it’s always essential to have a clear picture of what you’re working with. Your budget for good lehengas for your Indian wedding may be as much as 25% of your wedding budget.

You might want to start your research early, with proper emphasis on style, price, brand, etc. That way, the shopping experience will be much better when it’s time to hit the markets.

Indian Wedding Dress for Brides

Things to consider when choosing an Indian wedding dress

Now that you have a clear budget, you can focus on other essential things.

You probably already have some inspiration for what your ideal wedding dress should look like. Make it a duty to consider the following factors while shopping for a lehenga or your ideal Indian wedding saree;


1.   Body type

You want to choose a wedding dress that complements your body shape.

The ideal wedding dress for Indian brides must strike the right balance between royalty, elegance, and fit. There are four main body shapes: the hourglass figure, triangular, inverted triangular, and rectangular body shapes.

Different wedding dress types will suit different body shapes.

Hourglass body shapes are the most versatile as they can pair very well with almost any wedding dress type. Triangular body shapes where the upper body is slimmer body fit better with saree lehengas or other ethnic wear that can flatter their curves.

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2.   Bride height

Height also plays a role in choosing Indian wedding dresses.

While tall brides are usually able to rock different styles of wedding dresses, short and petite brides often find it challenging to find Indian wedding dresses to complement their small body frames perfectly.

We also recommend flowy wedding dresses made with materials like georgette, silk chiffon, and net rather than silk, velvet, brocade, etc., that can make the bride appear short and plumpy.

Minimal embellishments, as well as monotones, along with small prints, are also great for brides with short body types and petite body frames. Lastly, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of heels that will be comfortable enough to wear all day on your big day!



Just like height and body shape, your complexion can and should impact your choice of wedding dress. For fair-skinned Indian brides, we recommend poppy colors like yellow, orange, and fuchsia colors as they’ll make you appear brighter and happier.

Olive-colored skin type, the most common in Indian, can go with dresses of different colors. While earthy colors like orange, blue, maroons, and the likes are great, neon is a no-no as it won’t look good in your photographs and may make you appear dull.

For ladies with dark skin tones, purple, navy blue, emerald green, wine, and other dark and sensual colors will make you look the best on your D-day!


Color and embroidery

You can’t choose an Indian wedding dress for brides without factoring in color and embroidery.

Red and pink, as well as other bold and festive colors, are always the most preferred for Indian traditional wedding dresses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t decide to go for different mellow colors, though. If you will, do ensure your wedding dress has enough embroidery to give it a regal feel. Silk, sequins, glass, zardosi, etc., are a good fit. The key thing is to ensure the color and embroidery blend perfectly well.

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Choosing Indian wedding lehengas for brides

Lehengas are a popular choice for brides in India.

And because wedding in India is not a one-day affair like in other places, there are just different styles and designs you can choose for various events. Indian weddings can last from three days to a whole week of ceremonies. You’ll want to choose lehengas for the three main events; the engagement, Mehendi and Sangeet, and the actual wedding.

  • As with every other type of Indian wedding dress, you’ll need to start with setting a price for your wedding lehenga and choosing one that’s a few inches below your feet so you can wear your heels with virtually no issues.
  • For engagements, you’ll want to go for something subtle like plain lehengas and gowns. The engagement is, after all, not as grandiose as the other functions. But you’ll still want to have salwar suits as they may come across as too casual, and sarees as well.
  • For the Sangeet, you should opt for flowy, breathable, and comfortable outfits. This is a louder and more fun event than the engagement. Get ready to dance as much as your feet can. A lightweight outfit along with pretty comfortable jootis would make much sense.
  • Your Indian wedding dress as the bride must be the cynosure of all eyes.

You won’t go wrong with colorful lehengas, floor-length anarkalis, and beautifully embroidered sarees. If the engagement is where you need to wear something simple, the D-day is meant for something grand. Go for glamorous and unique indian wedding dresses that will make you look fabulous like the queen you are on your big day.


The wedding day comes only once for most of us.

There’s no crime in looking your best and being your most beautiful self ever. Find a beautiful lehenga or any Indian wedding dress you like. Rock your bridal dress with confidence and look fab and chic like the queen you are.


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