How to Look Slimmer

How to Look Slimmer in Indian Dresses

Some days, you want to look slimmer and appear thinner in your ethnic Indian dress than you really are. While not everyone is as slim and tall as they’d like, certain style tricks can make you appear like you’ve lost 10lbs of body weight.

In this post, we’ll share with you; some of the best tips on how to look taller and slimmer than you really are, with the right Indian dresses, and of course, the right accessories too. These will help you look your best and most fit self yet!


1.  Fabric type matters

Stiff and heavy fabrics such as organza are things you should avoid if you can.

However, your body shape and type can influence your choice of fabric. Women with a petite body frame can look very great with net and raw silk fabric. Those with a heavier body frame, however, will be best served by chiffon or georgette fabric.


2.  Pay attention to embroidery

Embroidery and embellishments are common in Indian dresses.

We like them because they add a different level of beauty and sophistication to dresses. But these are things you need to be wary of if you’re trying to look slimmer in ethnic Indian clothes. The key here is to avoid embroidery at heavy places so you don’t attract extra attention to these areas. Remember, the trick is not to actually make you thinner; it’s to create an illusion by tricking the eyes of viewers.


3.  Wear your lehenga in style

There’s a way to wear a lehenga in a way that can conceal a budge. This trick is to let your lehenga sit under your ribs and above your tummy. It will cover the areas with the most fat in this way so you can appear super flat and fabulous!


4.  Dupatta is important

Dupatta drapes add layering and a touch of style to your Indian outfits.

Another thing you probably don’t know they can do is to conceal bulk and budges. If you have a heavy chest region, you’ll want to go for drapes that aren’t poufy so they don’t add more volume to your chest. The dupatta can also help you cover up budges on the sides, making you more confident to flaunt your tummy.

How to Look Slimmer

5.  Choose a perfect lingerie

Your chest region is a key area to focus on if you want to nail that slim ethnic diva look. This is where the right lingerie comes into play so you can feel real slim and fabulous. Choose the perfect lingerie that helps keep your chest area nicely in place.

6.  Try shapewear to conceal budges

Many women find that shapewear can help them conceal budge so they can feel more confident with their shape. Find one that can take care of your budges without leaving you uncomfortable. Shapewear comes in different types, depending on where you want to focus. This can work for the tummy, waist, butt, and thighs.


7.  Feel higher in high heels and stilettos

Heels and stilettos will add more length to your height. It’s simple logic and it’s easy to see why. Endeavor to choose ones that match with your outfit though. Your posture should also be right as well as this can also impact your look. Talking of posture, you need to remember to always keep your shoulders back and your chin forward.


8.  Go for Indian dresses with dark shades

Dark colors like black and navy blue are good at creating illusions of ‘smallness.’

If you can, deck yourself out in dresses with more of these colors on days when you want to look slimmer and fitter. You can also consider colors like browns, violet, mulberry, wine color, and similar dark colors. They tend to make people appear slender.


9.  Monotone outfits are great

Just like dark colors, monotone outfits can also help create an illusion of a slim body frame.

There’s something about monotones and their power to create illusions. With a bottom and top of the same shades of color, your outlook will feel more like a vertical and uninterrupted line. This illusion can make the wearer appear flawless and look thinner than they actually are.


10. Get your accessories right

The right accessories are important.

Sleek bangles, statement earrings, and bracelet watches will make your hands appear slimmer. But heavy accessories like heavy neckpieces will add more bulkiness to your look.


11. Style your hair properly

Your hairstyle can also impact your look.

It’s important to avoid frizzy hairstyles. Tying your hair in a bun will help make your top appear smaller. But generally, we recommend letting your hair loose as this tends to create a slim face effect while adding a touch of youthfulness to your look.


12. Pay attention to frills

Just like we advise with embroidery and embellishments, it’s important to pay attention to frills on your dresses if you have a heavy bottom or a heavy bust. This tends to add volume and it’s not what you want when trying to look slimmer.


13. Choose the right salwars

Your choice of salwars should also be critically assessed.

Slim fit salwars or slightly loose ones will be better in this case than loose ones. Salwars with narrow designs like cigarette pants tend to make the waist appear smaller. But avoid those that hug the body tightly as well as those made from stretching fabric.


14. Choose the right blouses

Sleeve lengths and blouse designs can impact the public perception of your look.

Sleeves that sit above the upper arms might make your hands appear bulky. You want to go for one that reaches the elbow at the very least. Heavy embroidery on the blouse may also garner attention to these areas, so you need to really pay attention to this.


15. Indian dresses with vertical stripes can trick the eyes

Finally, you might also want to incorporate the illusion of vertical stripes.

These patterns tend to create an illusion of a thinner body. If you’re a fan of prints, you might want to consider dresses with vertical prints as they may help make your look appear slimmer than it really is.


Achieving a slimmer body is not an easy feat. But it’s still very important to feel good in your own skin. The tips above will help you trick the eyes and create an illusion of being slimmer so you can look more confident in your favorite Indian dresses.

Whether you’re going on date nights, formal events, weddings, and more, some of these tips will prove very valuable in helping you achieve a slimmer and more fabulous look.

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