Top 10 bridesmaid robes on Etsy


When the actual day of the wedding comes, for the bride, it is not easy to get prepared adequately well for the day. Comfort should be the chief factor in your choice of bridesmaid robes. This is the reason why we have decided to give the top 10 bridesmaid robes on Etsy.

The choices you are about to read are the ones that any bride can slip into and off when it is time to put on her wedding garment. You will have the best garments in 2021 that you cannot find elsewhere delivered to you below.

There were several considerations put into place on the choice of the best that will make your day on your wedding day. We have left no stone unturned in our desire to give the best to the fashionable lady in 2021. Enjoy.

Top 10 bridesmaid robes reviews

1. Bridesmaid Robes Set from SSweddings

This is our number one pick among the best on Etsy. This model is handmade. You do not have to worry about machine errors; this is the perfect work of excellent craftsmen. The material best for you is the one made from soft crepe. The reviews that follow this bridesmaid robe by happy brides go to show that you are going to get full value for your investment. The professionalism of the designer will give you all that you want in a robe on your wedding day. The delivery was timely. The warranty on this model is decent. Your complaints will be taken care of. SSwedding is the darling of fashionable brides.


If your budget is within $13.95 plus, then you can consider going for this label. You will not regret doing so.

2. Bridesmaid Robes Set from BellesdesignShop

This is another option that has caught our eyes and it is making our list of the best on merit. It is handmade and comes in quality satin silk. There are several options that you can choose from under this label. When you place your order, it will get to you within seven working days. Expect excellent customer service if you place an order for any of the custom-made designs under this label.


The retail price starts at $5.86 and above. This is minus the shipping cost to your destination.

3. Bridesmaid Pajamas set from SelineLounge

The SelineLounge is a classic. It is a two-piece pajama set that will make you proud on your wedding day. It is hand-made from cotton shorts and shirts. There is something very exciting about the design of the neckline, which will complement you through a cute collar! You can add your personalization. When you give your details, you will get a custom bridesmaid robe that will fit into your frame. The piping style is incredible. You are going to feel great when you get your order. This is one of the best among the best onEtsy. All the models that find their way to this online store are great!


The retail price for this model starts at $24. This is minus shipping costs to your preferred destination.

4. Set of 7 Bridesmaid Satin Robes from SunnyshopbyOlesea

After a critical look at the features that come with SunnyshopbyOlesea, we do not doubt the quality of this elegant robe. It is the work of passionate designers who have an eye for the best. This is one of the best satin designs that you will ever get on the shelf in 2021. You are going to get delivery of it as it has been pictured to you on the portal at Etsy.

We tell that you hand wash costumes before making deliveries. It is recommended that you use medium iron. This Miami, Florida-based outfit can be trusted for the best results.


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The unit price is $9.99 and above, minus shipping costs. This is so because there is a 50% discount on this robe. Prices will go up after this period.

5. Bridesmaid Robes Set from Ariabridaldesign

This design merits a place on our list of the most popular Etsy. Expect the delivery of high-quality chiffon material which is handcrafted. The professional approach by the designers of this bridesmaid robe will make your day on your special day. The passionate approach of the customer care team is commendable. Expect a prompt response to all inquiries when issues. You can save yourself time by taking a look at this model if you desire something fashionable on Etsy.


The unit price on this robe is $9.50, aside from the shipping cost.

6. Satin Robes Bridesmaid, Set from SunnyshopbyOlesea

Our number six on the list of brands comes with qualities that separate it from competing brands. This is the product of excellent craftsmen that are well motivated to deliver the best results. The material is made of satin and it is breathable. You can place an order for a custom delivery that will have your signature on it.

You can get your wedding roles and any custom text printed on the robe. You are going to achieve excellence in custom delivery from this company. Please follow the care advice given by the manufacturer if you want this robe to last you for a long time.


The unit price starts at USD 9.9. This is aside from the shipping costs that will be added.

7. Bridesmaid Robes Set from OurLoveStoryCoShop

A visit to OurLoveStoryCoShop will open the gates to the best bridesmaid robes around. You have the liberty to choose among the best rayon, cotton, and lace materials. They are handmade options that will make you ready for your special day. The materials feel soft and very luxurious.

What peaks about this model are the efforts made by this designer to make the ordering process simple and detailed. If you take your time to follow the guide in the ordering process, you will get a delivery that will make your day. You should hand wash in cold water. Hang it to dry and then steam it.


The unit price starts at USD 11.25. This will go up when shipping costs are added.

8. Free Bride Robe – Set from LavishRobes

This is indeed a lavish design. We find these bridesmaid robes excellent and something that will bring out your features when you adorn them on your special day. The materials available are breathtaking. Take a look at these: satin, silk robes, floral robes, silky satin, polyester satin, digitally printed fabric. You can choose any of them that catches your fancy and you will get great results that will add glamour to your appearance on your special day.

The ordering process is pretty easy. When you place an order for a batch of 10, you are going to get one for free. When you appear in any of the materials listed above on your special day, you will feel gorgeous. The robes come in four different sizes. The following sizes are available: a size that fits most, plus size, children’s size, and junior size.

You can machine wash at low heat using cold water accompanied by a gentle circle.


The quality that comes with this model is very high; hence, the higher unit price when compared with other models under review. Aside from shipping costs, this model comes for USD 171.

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9. Set of 10 Bridesmaid Robes from SSweddings

Our number nine on the list is deserving of a place on this list of great bridesmaid robes. The feel of this design shows it can compete with the crepe material in the market. It is made from soft crepe and will give you the desired results on your wedding day.

If you need fast delivery, then you can place a rush order and you will get it delivered to your doorstep in record time. This is not a one-occasion attire; you can make use of it after your wedding day. For care and upkeep tips, hands wash it and lay it outside to dry.

The ordering process is simple and detailed. If the order comes in damaged, the company will bear all the costs that are involved in the return of the model. But, if you placed an order despite all the assistance put in place to guide you, then you are going to bear the cost of returning and getting a new order.


The unit price minus shipping costs are put at USD 136.27. You are sure of getting quality for your investment in these bridesmaid robes.

10. Silk Bridesmaid Robes Set from LavishRobes

This is from the same designer that produced our number 8 on the list. This model is different because it comes in 16 colors and is a cheaper model than that reviewed in 8. You are going to get quality if you invest in this model. It is on account of its great features that it is making our list of the best on Etsy. The delivery time is within 2-3 days. When you place an order for rush delivery, you will get immediate delivery. When you add express shipping to your order, you will pay extra for it.


The unit price is set at USD 7.89. Shipping costs will add up to it.

How to choose best bridesmaid robes

If you want the best bridesmaid robes, then your target must be among the best on Etsy. You cannot get the best without a credible buyer’s guide. Our professional guide will help clear the hurdle that lies in the path of every online buyer. Here we go.

  • It is expected of you to select a style among the robes that will fit your style.
  • The next consideration should be your budget. Weigh your budget against the price of the robe. There should be a meeting point.
  • Choose a multipurpose color that will be useful to the bride after the wedding day.
  • You are advised to check the length of the robe before clicking on the order button cannot leave out the monogram because it makes the outer garment more meaningful and personalized.
  • Your bridesmaid robes can be useful for other purposes in life. Therefore, it is important to buy matching lingerie.
  • You are going to need accessories. Your investment in any of the Top 10 robes on Etsy will not be complete without investing in matching accessories.

It is important to consider comfort over style in the choice of the right attire.


If you are in a hurry and you want the best order that will make you the head-turner on your special day, then you have to take a look at our list of the top 10 robes on Etsy. The collections that we have above are great. If you put us on the spot to pick the best among the list of 10 above, then the obvious choice would be our number 4 on this list-SunnyshopbyOlesea.


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