How to Wear Sarees

How to Wear Sarees – Tips for Overweight Ladies!

Yes, sarees are popular ethnic outfits that can make you look elegant and more beautiful. However, you must style the outfit in the right way for best look. If you are plus size, it is a bit hard to drape your saree, mostly if you want to look slimmer. However, with some few styling tips, you will look great and slimmer in your sarees. Read on for all the details.

Drape it the right way

If you want to look classy and slimmer, you have to drape your saree in a neat manner. If you carelessly drape the attire, it can make you look overweight, no matter the fabric used. If you don’t know how to drape your saree, you can research online, and you will find all the information you need to know. That way, you can drape your saree in a neat and tidy fashion.

Pick the right fabric

Fabric used matters, mostly for plus size ladies. Some stiff fabrics like cotton will make you look heavier. Therefore, you should go for soft fabrics like chiffon. Chiffon is a floaty fabric, and will cover your problem areas. Therefore, when buying your sarees, think of fabric that will make you appear lighter and slimmer. Find out here the latest, well-designed sarees made of chiffon, and other fabrics ideal for plus size ladies.

Tip for patterns and color

If you want to look slimmer in your beautiful saree, you need to go for simple patterns. When you go for big prints they will make you appear bigger. Therefore, consider small prints. When it comes to colors, you should always opt for dark colors. Bright colors will contour your body, and you can end up showing problem areas of your body figure.

A different blouse can do the trick

If you want to look a little different, you can play around with different blouses. Different types of blouses can help you hide the problem areas, and give you a completely new look. However, you should avoid blouses with ban collars and heavy embellishments as they will make you appear fat. A blouse with simple embroidery work is a good option.

Be easy on the pallu/border

If you want to appear curvy like celebrities you watch on TV, you need to be easy on the borders of your beautiful saree. Thin borders are ideal for beautiful curvy queens as they only highlight your outfit. This is an important tip, and will help you appear slimmer even if you are overweight.

Consider custom made sarees

If you want to look elegant in this Indian ethic outfit, you have to get creative. Going to your designer to order a custom made saree is the best option. Your designer will take your measurements, and design a well-fitting outfit that won’t show much of your problem areas. As a result, your will look not only elegant, but also beautiful.

Drape your saree with a thin belt

If you want to wear stiff fabric, and notice that it will make you appear plus size, you can use a thin belt to drape the saree. It’s a simple tactic, but will enhance your look.

Final Words

You may feel a little uncomfortable when you appear plus size. Don’t worry, you can style up your sarees in a creative way so that you won’t appear plus size. Consider the above tips, and you will not only appear slimmer, but also very stylish.

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