How to Style Your Pakistani Salwar Kameez

How to Style Your Pakistani Salwar Kameez

Want to make a grand entrance at a party or event? If yes, you must choose the right salwar kameez. Your normal styling of salwar kameez is not ideal, you have to be more creative to enhance your look.  A well-styled Pakistani salwar kameez will give you an ethnic touch, and make you look like a stylish diva. To enlighten you on how to style your salwar kameez for a big event or party, here are tips for you.

Choose the right fabric for your body figure

You can make a big mistake when you choose a fabric that doesn’t go well with your body shape. If you are a little overweight, you should avoid fabrics like linen, cotton and brocade. These fabrics can make you appear more overweight. Crepe, chiffon, georgette and other light fabrics will make you appear slimmer. Also, if you are to dance and make a lot of movements during the event, you should consider flexible fabrics for best comfort.

Be careful when choosing colors

When choosing colors for your Pakistani salwar kameez, be wise. When you choose wrong colors combination, you will mess the overall appearance. Also, choose colors based on the event or occasion. If the event has a theme color, you have no option but to comply. However, if the event has no specific theme color, consider colors that you like. If you are heavy, go for dark colors like green, blue or maroon. If you are slim, consider brighter colors like soft green, white or peach.

Wear beautiful dupatta

If you want to look unique and more beautiful, you need to go for a colorful dupatta. However, the dupatta should not match the salwar or kameez. That way, you will look more refined. But the color and work on the dupatta should not be ‘too’ contrasting.

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You must get the fitting right

When you wear a larger or smaller salwar kameez, you will look funny. You can avoid that by getting well-fitting salwar kameez. Remember, a kurta is not like a top or t-shirt that might look good on you even if they are oversize. You must get it right to look perfect.

Wear the right footwear

You can get it right in the salwar kameez, but ruin everything with wrong footwear. You don’t want this to happen, right? Therefore, choose your footwear depending on your salwar kameez. Consider flat shoes or wedge when wearing an ankle length salwar. On the other hand, wear heels with floor length salwar or when you want to appear taller.

Accessorize your Pakistani salwar kameez

For a complete look, you need to wear jewelry. But there should be a balance to keep the nice look. When you wear heavily embroidered salwar kameez, you should not wear a lot of jewelry. However, if your salwar suit doesn’t have heavy embroidery, you can go for heavy necklaces, bangles, earrings and more. Also, don’t forget to have a classy handbag.

Final Words

To look good in your Pakistani salwar kameez, you must be creative. Wearing your salwar suit the usual way can be boring, and you need to alter the styling a bit to look perfect for any occasion or party. Also, for perfect styling, you need to get it right in colors, fabric and fitting. After that, consider the right footwear, some jewelry to enhance the look and most importantly, wear makeup. You will look more stylish.

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