Best Indian Dresses for Wedding Guests

Best Indian Dresses for Wedding Guests

Indian weddings are a big deal!

So, when you’re going to an Indian wedding, you want to wear dresses that add positively to the occasion. You want to look your best self in comfortable and glamorous dresses.

While committing to a life partner is not something to take lightly, you’ll find that it’s easy to fall in love with any of the following Indian wedding dresses below when you’re invited as a guest to an Indian wedding.

1.  Sarees


There’s no Indian wedding without someone decked in a gorgeous saree. It’s one of your easiest options if you’re looking for the best dress for Indian weddings. The saree is usually a three-piece outfit comprised of a crop top, a long fabric draped around the arms and shoulders in style, and a bottom.

This popular Indian wedding dress is suitable for guests of all kinds from the bride’s friends to their distant aunt, sister, and just about anyone. Fabricoz offers some of the best Indian sarees designs available in our store for guests who want to turn heads and be the most stylish guest at the next wedding party.

2.  Lehengas for wedding guests

Lehengas for wedding guests

If you don’t know, traditional lehengas are some of the most fashionable ethnic Indian dresses you can wear as a guest to an Indian wedding. These dresses are often designed as a three-piece set of a top, bottom, and scarf.

It’s a bit easier to wear, more than the saree, and it comes in several varieties.

Guests have the options to choose from colors of different shades from dark to subtle. And if you’re keen on what lehengas might be suitable for the next wedding on your list, Fabricoz offers some really awesome designs that will no doubt help you nail the perfect ethnic diva look at your next Indian wedding party.

3.  Salwar kameez for wedding

Salwar kameez for wedding

Salwar kameez comes in many types and styles.

We love these dresses for their versatility. While they are perfect for casual outings, some salwar kameez dresses are also just as great for weddings and formal events.

It’s basically a two-piece dress comprised of a kurti and long pants. You can also style this with a dupatta as well if you want to add layers to your look. This outfit is perfect for the side events at Indian weddings from Mehendi to Sangeet and more.

4.  Gharara and sharara

Gharara sharara | Pakistani bridal dresses, Pakistani wedding outfits,  Party wear dresses

Wedding gharara and sharara are often made from fabric materials that are strong and soft so they can have a soothing effect on the body. This means you’ll be super comfortable in this outfit and will be able to flaunt it gracefully at the wedding party.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a distant relative, a close cousin, or a sister to the bride. A well-made traditional gharara or sharara in subtle hues will help you stand out and look elegant and graceful amidst other guests at the wedding.

5.  Palazzo pants for wedding guestsMint-Green-Floral-Palazzo-Dress-For-Formal-Events 20 Outfit Ideas to Wear  Short Shirts with P… | Indian fashion dresses, Stylish dresses, Indian wedding  guest dress

We love these fashion-forward pants and they are great for weddings.

If you’re contemplating how this can fit into a wedding scene, you probably have not seen them rocked with a chic blouse, shirts, or a kurta. The good thing is your options are unlimited.

Silky high-waist wide-leg palazzo pants are in a class of their own. When paired with a crop top like lace, for instance, you’ll be amazed at how something so simple could look so gorgeous.

Tips for dressing for an Indian wedding

We’ve highlighted some of the best Indian dresses for wedding guests. But looking good at a wedding party does not start and end with your choice of dress alone.

Along with choosing a beautiful dress, here are a few tips you should also consider when it comes to the whole wedding guests dress stuff;

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Know that Indian dresses play with color bigly so don’t restrict yourself to certain colors.
  • Choose dress styles you like and be sure they stay fit and comfortable on your body so you can flaunt your dress more gracefully throughout the event.
  • Consider coordinating your outfit with the color of the bride’s wedding outfit, if possible. This tends to make the whole event more beautiful.
  • Don’t forget to complement your dress with the right jewels and accessories, but keep this muted.
  • And finally, wear your makeup beautifully so you can look your best when the moment finally comes.

Things to expect at an Indian wedding

Like we said earlier, weddings in India are a big deal!

Here are some things you should expect;

1.     Lots of events and ceremonies

Indian weddings could last anywhere from three days to a whole week of various events. Key events at Indian weddings may include the Mehendi, an ancient body art ceremony, along with the engagement ceremony known as the Sagai, the sangeet dance party, the Haldi (turmeric paste ceremony), the wedding garland exchange ritual known as Jaimala, and the Saptapadi seven vows wedding ritual.

2.     Lots of people in colorful outfits

While the coronavirus has made large gatherings a sort of taboo nowadays, Indian weddings used to host lots of people in lots of colorful outfits. In India, it’s often “the more the merrier.”

3.     Enough food to go around

There is usually a lot of food to go around from paneer, a fresh cheese dish from India to chai, a spiced tea beverage usually served in a clay cup, and panipuri, among others.

4.     Jawdropping decorations

Indian weddings are colorful. But not only the dresses, the wedding decor usually come across as very elegant and flamboyant. In some cases, these lavish decorations will make your jaw drop.

5.     You’ll see a lot of dance moves

Think those Bollywood movies’ dance moves can’t be real? Wait until you attend your first India wedding and you’ll see just how fun the people can be when the floor opens. You’ll of course want to dance too. It’s always fun and exciting.


Weddings are sacred in India and when you need to go for one, you need to perfect your style and look. Your choice of dresses for Indian weddings will range from a saree to a lehenga, salwar kameez, etc. Go for any one of these dresses you like and will be comfortable in so you can enjoy the time of your life at the wedding party.

Fabricoz ethnic Indian dress collections are a great place to start looking for the perfect Indian wedding dresses for guests. Pick a style you like, submit your measurements, and have your dress delivered to your doorstep fast and for free. With Fabricoz, it’s super simple to look super gorgeous!

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