What is the difference between Ghagra and lehenga?

difference between Ghagra and lehenga

The Ghagra and Lehenga have a long history in the Indian fashion industry. In times past before modernization of things set in, the two are used as common day dresses in India. There are several similarities between the two soar away fashion designs. However, our focus will primarily be on what separates the Lehenga from Ghagra in the fashion sense as represented in 2021. Here we go!

They are two parts of one attire

It is interesting to note that the two that we are contrasting here are two different parts of single attire. What then separates each of them from each other in one attire? This explanation will be of help:

Lehenga: This is the lower part of the attire that is used as a covering below the navel. This is held in position around the waist region by elastic or thread (according to the choice of the designer) and it is referred to as Nada in Hindi.

Ghagra: This is used to complement the coverage of the upper part of the body. It can be of the same color with the covering for the lower part of the body or they may come in contrasting colors.


The difference also comes in terms of popularity between the two. The less popular of the two is Ghagra. The edge over the less popular fashion is borne out of the fact that celebrities wear it and it has become the fashion sense in Indian cinemas. When you go for marriage functions in India today; the more popular of the two is the choice of many people. So in terms of popularity, one is far above the other and it represents the huge difference between them.

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Lehenga Fits at the waist

The two can be separated from each other on account of the fitness of the body. While one hangs loosely on the upper part of the body; the other hangs firmly around the waist region of the body. It has a fuller circumference towards the end of it.

Perfect figure

Ladies want a costume that will enhance the shape of their bodies. The more fitting the dress on a lady, the better revealing the feminine features that will go all the way to make ladies appear sexy. This is perhaps the major advantage over Ghagra which is designed to be used as comfort wear.

The designs

One can talk about the designs of the two pieces of the same apparel under consideration. One comes in beautiful and breathes taking designs while the other does not offer many options like the former. The trend is more in abundance when compared to what is obtainable through Ghagra.

Enhances beauty

We can also separate the two on account of their impact on the beauty of the wearer. While one is designed to specifically enhance the beauty of the wearer, the other is a loose design that concerns itself less on the beauty of the wearer.

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Material designs

Ghagra is made from cotton and it has a simple design. In the contrast, the other is sourced from silk, velvet net. It has more exotic designs when compared with the former.


The difference between Lehenga and Ghagra is not well pronounced. The thin line of differences that separates the two from each other has been described above.


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