Silk Salwar Kameez: You Better Cop That!


Gorgeous salwar kameez, made from lustrous silk fabric, is one of those ethnic Indian dresses you can rely on for just about any occasion. The salwar kameez has always been a staple of Indian women’s fashion. The silk fabric itself has enjoyed a rich history as a high-end fabric, thanks to its soft feel and elegant appearance.

A silk salwar kameez is, therefore, the perfect epitome of luxury and sophistication, something you should seriously consider as a key part of your ethnic Indian fashion collection, going forward.

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Indian silk salwar kameez: A brief intro

Silk is one of the most desirable fabric materials for women in India. In the same vein, a salwar kameez suit is also one of the Indian woman’s most popular dress choices.

For many, their reasons can range from the incredible comfort and style variety of silk. Others just like the beautiful appearance and the air of luxury and sophistication this fabric brings. Whatever it is that interests you, there’s always a good reason to wear silk.

According to history, the earliest salwar kameez dresses were made from either cotton or silk. While the cotton fabric was more popular for casual, everyday salwar kameez dresses, the Silk salwar kameez was often made for big parties and occasions, and often more prominent among the aristocracy. These dresses were made from silk fabric made from natural silk threads. Along with the natural shine of the silk fabric, silk salwar kameez are often further embellished with patterns and designs of different kinds, making them even more gorgeous and beautiful.

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Why you need a silk salwar kameez

If you love ethnic Indian fashion, you need a salwar kameez and there’s no doubt about it.

Whether you’re looking for a dress to help you create the perfect traditional Indian look or just looking for something comfortable and super stylish, you can’t go wrong with a silk salwar kameez suit. That said, here are five of the many reasons most people go for a salwar kameez suit. No doubt these reasons will make sense to you too;

  1. Although more expensive, silk fabric has a silky soft touch and feel that’s very comfortable on the body, thanks to the authentic natural silk threads.
  2. Silk salwar suits have a shine and appearance unrivaled by many other fabric types.
  3. Perfect for the big days, from weddings to parties, and grand events.
  4. Price and style variety of silk fabrics from raw silk to tussar silk, banarasi brocades, bhagalpuri, chanderi, etc.
  5. Unlimited styles and patterns for prints, embroidery, mirror work, patchwork, and other options for embellishment.
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Who needs a silk salwar kameez?

We recently did a piece on the best head-turning salwar kameez designs of 2021.

That piece featured some of our best picks on salwar kameez style ideas and inspirations for people looking for the best everyday salwar kameez as well as the ultimate party outfit for bi events. But who actually needs a silk salwar kameez? The short answer here is everyone!

Everyone, from young maidens to older women will find a silk salwar kameez perfect for different occasions. Older women as well as middle-aged Indian ladies particularly like their silk salwar kameez suits for weddings and big occasions. In the same vein, young women rock their types of salwar kameez which also often makes them appear more elegant and graceful.

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Silk salwar kameez styling tips and recommendations

One of the other reasons many people like silk salwar kameez is because of the high level of versatility when it comes to styling this traditional Indian dress.

But, just so you can always ace your best look at all times, here are some valuable salwar kameez styling tips you might want to incorporate into your dressing up sessions;

  1. Understand that silk salwar kameez are best for big events like weddings, big parties, religious events, etc.
  2. Remember to pair your elegant silk salwar kameez with the right accessories.

While gold jewelry will help you create a more traditional look, statement accessories such as antique jewelry will help you create a baroque-style look. It all depends on what you want.

  1. Your hairstyle might also impact your final look. To get the best look, you should opt for braids, buns, loose curls, and similar hairstyles.
  2. Your footwear as well also matters. Many people find out that embellished footwear along with their silk salwar kameez tends to create a more stylish and elegant appearance.
  3. A dupatta, as well as a silk jacket, will still make sense if you care about looking even more stylish!
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Talking of dupatta, many people prefer to complement their salwar kameez dress with a dupatta. If you like this idea, you might want to go beyond the plain-type dupattas for something more stylish.

There are a lot of dupatta styles and designs you may want to pair with your silk salwar kameez. These can range from a silk patola dupatta to a banarasi brocade dupatta, kantha work dupatta, woven silk dupatta, and organza dupatta, among others. The options are just endless!


The salwar kameez is already a big deal in India. Having your salwar kameez made from silk, however, will make this even a much bigger deal. We love silk salwar kameez for their chic and elegant look and the air of sophistication and class that comes with them.

As with all other types of ethnic Indian dresses, how you style your salwar kameez matters.

The best salwar kameez suits usually have the sheen on the outfit as the brightest. You should pair it with the right accessories while keeping your jewelry muted or minimal. While you can often pair your salwar kameez suits with lots of other accessories, it’s good to ensure the color palette matches without being extravagant or appearing lousy.

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