How to Style Short Layered Hair

How to Style Short Layered Hair

If you have short layered hair, you probably feel more comfortable, but for a nice look you have to embrace trendy and modern styles. There are many styling options you can consider but the ultimate goal is to enhance your look without the need to put in a lot of effort. The styling should be a simple and quick process, especially when dealing with wet hair. You may have to use a hair dryer, hair accessories, hair gel, among other products for the styling process. Read on to learn ideas on how to style short layered hair.

How to Style Short Layered Hair

Create volume for your short layered hair

If you want to get a unique look, you can consider adding volume to your short layered hair. There are different methods or steps you can use for the process. First of all, you can use a round brush and hair dryer. You just need to use the brush to tug the hair up, away from your scalp, and use a hairdryer to dry it. You can as well spray sea salt over your hair to give it natural-looking waves. Twist the hair using your hand and you will create unique waves. Remember to use enough seal salt spray because that will determine the results. Then you can curl your hair using curling iron for bouncy layers.

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Slicking hair back

This is another excellent styling option you can consider for a beautiful look. It starts by straightening your hair and pulling the top layer in to a bun. You can as well wear scarf or headband, which pull back the hair from your face. Ensure that the knot of the scarf is at the back of your head. Besides, you can use bobby pins to pin back your hair. Also, you can slick your hair back using hair styling gel. You just need to apply the gel and comb the hair back.

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Update Your Hair Cut Style

Updating your hair cut is another excellent way to style your short layered hair. You can consider a pixie cut where your hair will a bit longer at the top but tapered in at the back. But you should tell your hair dresser about the style you want to ensure you get the desired look in the end. Besides the unique haircut, you can add colorful highlights to your short layers. However, you need to consider a color that goes well with your hair and skin color. What’s more, you can bring a picture of your desired hair cut to the hairdresser and they will consider it.

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Consider Styling Braids and Buns

Another excellent idea on how to style short layered hair is to braid your bangs and keep them pulled back. You can as well consider pulling your hair into a bun for a unique, rocking look. For the braids, you need to choose the right braid ideal for your hair and style. You can consider Dutch braid, French braid or any regular braid. To create a bun, you should comb your hair and gather it together and twist it up into a bun. You can use an elastic hair accessory to keep the bun intact.

Final Words

Sometimes styling short layered hair can be a challenge. However, with the above tips on how to style short layered hair, you now have ideas that will help you. The most important thing to consider is a styling option that will enhance your look. Also, use safe hair products and accessories. You can do the styling yourself, but hiring a hair stylist is the best option for a beautiful look.

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