10 reasons your boss hates Indian dresses for women!


Give it to India, they have a fashion industry that has a long history behind it. The fashion industry is huge in India. Each state has its attire. The majority of the dresses are designed for different purposes. You must give it to the boss that has a dislike for indian dresses for women; there is a line of separation between work and culture.

The vast majority of the designs that are of Indian origin are based on cultural heritage. When it comes to working; it is a different ball game and the boss is there to make sure the rules are fully enforced. So why should your boss at work hate the local dress? There are several reasons for this. We shall be addressing some of the reasons why your boss in the office insists on their workers wearing formal clothes in the workplaces.

1. Sea through dresses: It will be wrong to wear see-through clothes to the place of work because it will divert attention from the business of doing the job which is the reason why you are at the place of work in the first place. No boss will allow that. Any native attire that reveals all is not acceptable in the place of work.

2. Leggings and yoga pants: It is also against the ethics of the work environment to wear pants and leggings to work. There might be some arguments in favor of this. But mind you, your boss calls the shots and you are duty-bound to obey the directives from the top.

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3. Too tight or baggy dresses: If you choose to appear in your workplace in attire that is too short; baggy or tight; the boss will not allow that. This will hinder the flow of work on the work premises. This is not a hatred for the local fabric per se; it is a matter of work attire over native attire

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4. Cold shoulder tops: No boss will allow you to come to the office with a cold shoulder top. It is a gross violation of the workman’s ethics either in the production line or in the office. You are expected to dress smartly in the production line and smart if your work is in the office.

5. Dresses that show your cleavage: If you appear in an Indian dress for women or an Indian clothing in the office that shows too much of your cleavage; it will not get the blessing of your boss. You will get into an avoidable problem with your boss in the office. You are not in the office for a fashion parade. Dresses that show cleavage will distract the workers from the cause of duty.

6. Emblazoned in sequins or sparkles: If you appear in a native Indian outfit that is emblazoned in sequins, you are going to cross the lines with your boss. This will not be allowed in the office because it will work contrary to the ethics of the work environment.

7. Clothes meant for clubbing: If you have bought your native dress suited for Bollywood; you are not allowed to wear this in the office. It will not be in your best interests to appear at a party or fashion wear in the office. There is no agreement between the two. You are at work for serious business operation and never for pleasure. This is the reason why your boss will frown at you if you appear in such attire in the office.

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8. Warm and colorful designs: Some designs are meant to keep off the cold. No boss will allow the staff to appear in this type of outfit in the office. It is a clear violation of the ethics of work and such outfits will not work in an environment that is meant for serious business.

9. Loads of animal print: Another reason why you might likely run into the troubled waters when you appear in traditional dress is if the dress you choose for the office has loads of animal print on it. This is a violation of the workman code of conduct and no boss will permit that in the work premises.

10. Visible undergarments: We shall be closing with an appearance in visible undergarments in the place of work. This will draw the ire of your boss. There should be decency and moderation on the work premises. No boss will allow a violation of this rule. It is either you appear in line with the dress code of the company or nothing else.


If you are in any working environment whether in India or outside the country; there is an allowed corporate wear that all staff members should comply with. Cultural attires and corporate dress on the work front are two parallel lines that will never meet. This is the reason why bosses will frown at workers that appear in Indian dresses for women in the workplace.


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