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Cross The Finish Line With These New Drag Tires

Ready to fuel your need for speed? Transforming your vehicle into a race-worthy performance vehicle takes time, effort, and a carefully chosen mix of parts. Your tires are among the most critical of everything between you and the road. Choosing the right tires for your vehicle and conditions is key. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to pick your drag tires and discover some tire suggestions for the next time you hit the asphalt.

First Things First: Traction

When shopping for drag racing tires, you’ll mostly notice two types: radials and slicks. Each has unique applications and benefits to consider before you buy.

Drag Radials

Drag radials are engineered to boost traction while moving in straight lines. Typically manufactured from soft compounds, they also come with a shorter tread depth and thick sidewalls to preserve structure and stability while traveling at high speeds. Some drag radial models are DOT-approved and street-legal, while others are designed for racing use only.

Drag Slicks

Like drag radials, slicks are fabricated from softer compounds. They have no tread whatsoever, allowing them to maximize tire-ground contact fully. With their softer compounds, slicks usually stick to the ground more as heat increases. Since they lack tread, they don’t provide any wet-surface traction.

Sizing Things Up

Size is also important when selecting your racing tires. However, it’s not as simple as just buying a wider tire. While wider tires usually offer an expanded contact patch and better grip, racing applications may require a different approach. Larger sidewalls are preferable because they can flex and stretch to deliver more traction, especially while accelerating. Some drivers choose smaller-than-stock wheels, which let them equip tires with larger sidewalls while reducing overall vehicle weight.

Top-Rated Racing Tires

You have many drag racing tire options from which to choose. If you need some help getting started, try these popular suggestions:

  • Nitto NT555RII Drag Radials: D.O.T.-compliant drag tires that deliver racing traction and street performance
  • Mickey Thompson ET Street R Radials: Engineered for street and strip use with a soft compound and wide tread
  • Hoosier Quick Time DOT Drag Slick: Racing-only tires with superb traction and grip
  • Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slicks: Designed with soft rubber and no tread for maximum grip

Many more performance-tested options are available to help you strike a balance of speed, handling, and safety.

Other Speed-Boosting Mods

As you switch out your tires, you may want to consider other performance-boosting upgrades. The Edelbrock AVS2 800 improves fuel atomization with eight equally spaced ports, resulting in better combustion and overall engine performance. If your engine is running roughly or failing to start, pitted and worn camshafts and lifters may be to blame. You’ll need to inspect them to confirm if they’re the cause, but installing a camshaft kit could correct this problem.

Customizing your vehicle for racing can be a fun and rewarding experience. With drag tires, your best bet is shopping at a reputable retailer of high-performance aftermarket auto parts. You’ll find both an extensive selection and knowledgeable pros offering help and expertise.

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