Buying Handmade Jewelry

A Guide to Buying Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is created by artisans using time-tested methods. Most of the world’s handmade jewelry designers and manufacturers are in Asia, especially India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and pearls are some of the most popular materials.

The history of handmade jewelry can be traced back to ancient times. For example, several antique pieces dating to the Bronze Age have been discovered. More recently, the first known gold earrings were found in Persia around 500 B.C. In today’s modern times, handmade jewelry is available through various channels, including retail stores, online catalogs, art galleries, auctions, and direct sales from the makers.

Let’s look at ten common mistakes to avoid when buying handmade jewelry.

1. Buying From a Factory or Warehouse

Many businesses produce handcrafted jewelry, yet they may not run like factories. Instead, they might operate out of a small studio or warehouse. They might make and sell their designs or manufacture customized pieces based on existing templates. As a result, many of them aren’t open to the public. While this may not be a problem for you, it’s important to understand that purchasing a piece from one of these locations doesn’t mean it was made by hand. However, if you contact the seller directly, you should be able to learn more about where they produce the jewelry.

2. Buying Jewelry without Seeing It in Person First

Most people have internet access, which makes it very easy to purchase jewelry online. However, many people would prefer to see a piece before they decide to buy it. If you’re planning to do this, you should consider visiting the store in person or arranging a viewing via Skype. This way, you can check whether the item is exactly as it appears online. You can also ask for additional photos if you need to. However, there are some trustworthy online retailers. For instance, suppose you wish to wear a piece of intricately handmade Celtic style gold jewelry design that an Irish artisan has created. If so, you may Google search and select the best-rated stores. The review section can potentially provide some helpful information for you.

3. Buying Precious Metal Jewelry at Low Prices

Some people mistakenly assume that sterling silver is cheaper than 14k gold jewelry, yet it isn’t true. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Although it doesn’t contain any gold, it can be soldered together with gold to achieve a similar color and finish. Silver tends to oxidize over time, which means it requires polishing.

4. Buying Jewelry Made Of Unusual Materials

It’s tempting to buy jewelry made of unusual materials such as stone, glass, wood, metal, and clay. However, it’s vital to remember that not all pieces are created equal. Some items will last a long time while others won’t. For example, a piece made from wood will likely wear down within a year. Similarly, if you want jewelry made of gemstones, you should remember that they can be easily damaged. Before making a purchase, you should research the material used, its durability, and how it’s cared for.

5. Buying Jewelry with an Excessively Low Price Tag

Jewelry that seems too cheap to be genuine could signify counterfeit goods. It’s worth noting that some countries have become known for producing fake jewelry. Even though this is illegal, it still happens frequently. The majority of high-quality jewelry is handmade, which means there are no machines involved. Therefore, it takes time to create each piece. As a result, it shouldn’t cost you much less than the average price.

6. Buying Jewelry That Is Too Expensive

You must conduct extensive research before purchasing a piece of jewelry that will set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. First, you should pay attention to the designer’s previous creations. If you like what you see, you should try to find out more about the artist. That can be done by reading reviews and browsing their website. If they’ve designed other pieces similar to yours, you’ll know that they can create something similar again.

7. Buying Jewelry without Testing Its Quality

To ensure the quality of the jewelry, you should test the piece to see how it looks and feels. For example, does it fit well? Does it weigh enough? Are the stones secure in place? If you’re buying a piece of jewelry containing gems, you should also ensure they’re securely fixed into position. If you plan to use the piece every day, you may wish to opt for less delicate pieces.

8. Buying Jewelry That Is Too Large or Small

It would help if you also remembered that different types of jewelry come in different sizes. For instance, rings must be big enough to fit on the finger as they are frequently worn on the digit. Earrings are attached to the earlobe and must be thin enough to slide into the hole. Necklaces are often longer and hang down from the chest. They should sit comfortably against your skin without being too tight or loose.

9. Not Checking the Color of Stones and Gemstones

Finally, you should also examine the color of the stones and gemstones. Some gems appear differently depending on the light, so you’ll need to check them under several conditions. You can also compare the colors to samples of the same stone. Although natural stones and gemstones can vary slightly in color, they should be close matches; otherwise, it could indicate that they’re fake.

10. Buying Jewelry from an Online Store That Doesn’t Have a Physical Address

There are many advantages of shopping at a physical store. For example, you can talk to the staff, view the jewelry, and test its quality. However, it’s also possible to shop online. Unfortunately, not all online stores follow the same rules and regulations as those found in brick-and-mortar shops. Some websites operate overseas, meaning you may never receive the purchased jewelry.
Infographic provided by Jewelry Display Manufacturer, Gems on Display

Final Words

These are a few pointers that many people neglect when buying jewelry. Always remember that it’s important to be cautious when making a purchase. It’s wise to get everything in writing, including the price and terms of sale. Jewelry has always been a popular choice for gifts. However, it’s crucial to make a wise decision. Making costly mistakes when selecting jewelry can be avoided by following the advice above.

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