How to Look Slimmer in Indian Dresses

How to Look Slimmer

Some days, you want to look slimmer and appear thinner in your ethnic Indian dress than you really are. While not everyone is as slim and tall as they’d like, certain style tricks can make you appear like you’ve lost 10lbs of body weight. In this post, we’ll share with you; some of the best … Read more

How to Choose an Indian Wedding Dress for Brides

Indian Wedding Dress for Brides

The institution of marriage is a big deal in India. Weddings here can last as long as three days, and according to, these events are like a huge fashion show! From choosing vibrant colors to intricate patterns and ornate beadings, every bride wants to take the time to style an outfit they’ll like. We … Read more

Different Types of Indian Dresses & Indian Outfits

Different Types of Indian Dresses

Let’s talk about Indian dresses and the best Indian outfits! You won’t believe just how diverse the Indian fashion scene is. But for a country with such a high level of cultural diversity, nothing less is actually expected. We’ll discuss many of the beautiful and colorful dresses worn by the over two thousand ethnic groups … Read more

Different Types of Fabric and Embroidery Used In Designing Traditional Indian Dresses

Designing Traditional Indian Dresses

India is known for brightly-colored clothes, incredible fabric patterns, and embroidery styles that are as mesmerizing as they can be. For a highly multicultural country, we have a very rich and buoyant fashion scene, no doubt. Lots of fabric and embroidery types are regularly used in Indian fashion. But there are a few that seem … Read more

Best Indian Dresses for Wedding Guests

Indian weddings are a big deal! So, when you’re going to an Indian wedding, you want to wear dresses that add positively to the occasion. You want to look your best self in comfortable and glamorous dresses. While committing to a life partner is not something to take lightly, you’ll find that it’s easy to … Read more

12 Tips to Help You Look Attractive in Indian Clothes

Indian Clothes

Now and then, we review certain ethnic Indian clothes for various occasions from weddings to casual outings and everyday wear. Everything we do revolves around helping you look your best with some of these gorgeous and super stylish dresses we make. But looking good does not start and end with your choice of clothes. Our … Read more

7 of the Best Trending Pakistani Salwar Kameez Designs

Pakistani Salwar Kameez Designs

The Pakistani salwar kameez, also known as the shalwar kameez dress is the national dress for men and women of Pakistan. This outfit is most prominent in Pakistani ethnic fashion, comprised of a salwar bottom that’s either wide and baggy or narrow and a kameez top. The salwar kameez is a very versatile dress that … Read more